5 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs a Smartphone Application of Its Own

Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs a Smartphone Application
(Last Updated On: March 13, 2019)


Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs a Smartphone Application |Modern problems call for modern solutions and for e-stores it cannot get any more accurate. Tele-marketing for products, selling through stores, and many other aspects of businesses are now being replaced through websites and mobile applications.

Even between the two, websites and smartphone applications, people find it painfully long to go through the process of first going on a site, logging in, and then making a purchase. It is here when the smartphone applications start being crucial to a company.

It is not only the ease of using an app that makes it worthy of being a part of the consumer experience. There are, in fact, significant reasons which make it vital enough to be discussed even in the corporate level strategy of the business.

Through this post, we tell you Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs a Smartphone Application of Its Own?

Reach Your Customers Instantly

Customers are only a notification away from exploring your products when they have your app on their phones. Top e-commerce startups have gone on to make it big just because they managed to capture a customer-base with the help of their apps.

Having a mobile application for customers allows you to reach them directly without having to only rely on advertisements and emails to attract customers to the product page. With your app in their phones, you can also expect that the users will have more chances of buying from you compared to a site which has no app of its own.

Customized Experience

While e-commerce sites fail to provide a customized experience for every user, smartphone apps excel at it. As the apps are always logged in by most users, the front pages of the app can show the products that the account owner often browses or has shown interest in the past.

Apps are faster than websites, interfaces are less cluttered, and users can access order shipping, purchase history, and other information with only a few taps. Better the experience a user gets on your app, the better are the chances that your products will be purchased from the app.

Get to Know What Your Customers Want

Through smartphone applications, you can get to know a lot about what your customers want. You can get information about the kind of products that the app users are searching and what features they sort in these searches.

Such information is no less than a market survey, something which you can also get with the help of mobile applications. Major e-commerce platforms often put discounts on products that are being searched more or have more chances of being bought. Such tactics can lead to a boost in sales of your products.

Less Load on Customer Support

Along with the numerous benefits that a mobile app can give you, its ability to take the load off from the customer-support is the most helpful to any business. Majority of questions that are asked to the customer-support of any company are usually the same in nature.

The frequently asked questions, reviews, and bots on chat take care of most of the problems that customers are confused about. It will give your support team the time to solve more issues that require their attention than to lose their time on generic ones that the app can solve. There will be more productivity among customer-support when apps will do most of their work.

A Modern Touch to Your Business

Automation is the way forward to the success of any business. Smartphone applications facilitate the automation of many processes. Received orders, invoices, an intimation of order delays, and much more operations are effectively performed with the help of applications.

Customers can find everything that they want on the company’s application. Not only does it save time and resources by automation of various tasks, but a company can also save much money on these operations too.

Smartphones have changed the way people shop, so why shouldn’t you change the way you sell your products? As an entrepreneur, you must invest in building quality apps for your business. There are ways to get them popular through online marketing and introducing app-only offers.

Companies also get a boost in the downloading of their apps by featuring in daily business news regularly whenever announcing an exclusive product or seasonal sales. Readers of such news outlets often end up downloading the apps to avail discounts and make the most out of these offers.

Many top e-commerce companies rely on the data of their apps for consumer research, advertisements, and other aspects of their business operations.

Mobile apps of start-ups also give a sense of authenticity to customers as now it is like a benchmark that the top companies have set. Once you manage to get a fair number of users to download your mobile app, your business is sure to shine.

Author: Ayush Chawla

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