Why CS-Cart is the Best Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform?A Comparative Guide

Multi Vendor Shopping Cart
(Last Updated On: July 25, 2018)


When it comes to e-commerce venture, the first word that comes to mind is growth.

In fact, growth projections estimate that by 2022, e-commerce revenues will exceed $638 billion in the U.S. alone.

Isn’t it fascinating?

But with so many e-commerce platforms available in the market, it is not easy for entrepreneurs to choose the right platform to start their own multivendor e-commerce business.

The following multi vendor platforms review will help such entrepreneurs compare the top 3 multivendor platforms., all of them are reliable multi vendor systems that work smoothly, have fantastic multivendor features, good support & secure architecture.

So let us take a deeper look at each one of them.

 CS-Cart Multi-Vendor:

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a great platform for any users who want to start their own multi-vending shopping cart platform.

cs cart multivendor software

With it’s easy to use setup anyone can start building their own e-commerce platform easily.

Unlike any other platform of this type, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor allows you to pay a one-time up-front fee and download the entire software so that you can move forward without any monthly charges.

If you don’t like coding then CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a great option for you as it doesn’t require any coding skills for the initial setup or ongoing management unless you want to use HTML or CSS. The admin panel is very user-friendly and doesn’t require any programming knowledge at all!

Another benefit for choosing CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is the excellent support that you will receive from their end and also easy to find people who know the platform well and can help you if you need any further technical assistance!

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is serving to us since 2005. In the past 14 years, customers from 170 countries have purchased 35000+ copies of CS-Cart software. Thousands of companies from all over the world choose CS-Cart, which ratify the high quality of its software and its service.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor also enjoys a high level of reputation in the online marketplace industry. Sites like RepDigger has assigned it a reputation level of 89% which is undoubtedly very commendable.

Marketing Features/Advantages:

• Intuitive Admin Panel
• Web-based Installation Wizard
• 100% Open Source Code
• Customizable Design and Layout
• Visual Language Variables Editor
• Built-in Template Editor
• Digital Delivery System
• Product Filters
• One-page Checkout
• Search Engine Friendly URLs
• Unlimited Users


• Smarty Features can Slow Down Server sometimes

Overall, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a very easy to use multi-vending software which you can use to start your own online e-commerce marketplace offering affordable pricing, scalability and extensive functionality.


Founded by two Finnish university friends, Juho Makkonen and Antti Virolainen, Sharetribe quickly becomes a popular easy to use muti-vending e-commerce building platform today.

Sharetribe became a platform for many other successful startups including brands like Airbnb.


Image Source

Marketing Features/Advantages:

• An Easy Built-in payment system
• Tools for generating, categorizing, and filtering content
• Custom branding feature
• Perfect for mobile devices
• Providing Advanced payment system supporting 25+ currencies and 190+ countries.

•Functionality upgrades are not as fast as expected.

Overall Sharetribe is an ideal platform for community project without high upfront investment and effort.


Dokan is the best front end multi-seller marketplace center on WordPress, controlled by WooCommerce. Launch your own Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento like marketplace without any issue.


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It is the quickest method to begin internet business and procure through commissions with items extending from advanced, physical to a variable.

Marketing Features/Advantages:
• Huge Flexibility
•Customization Options &Inventory Management
•Loyalty Program Multi-Store Management
•SEO Management

•Inconsistent Updates
•Customer Support

Basically, it is a Multi-vendor plugin for WordPress that allows vendors to easily customize the store and deal with many issues through one interface.


From my experience of many years, I can safely conclude that the greatest advantage of CS-CART Multi-Vendor that it is superb for larger projects and it really sells. The Customizable feeds,Shipments system, file manager, audit logs are world class.

Additionally, CS-CART Multi-Vendor has their own dedicated support team which makes it an automatic choice for building a multi-vendor e-commerce platform!

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