WhatsApp Hacking:Chinese Attempt to Hack Indian Numbers Exposed

WhatsApp Hacking

Another attempt to hack Indian WhatsApp numbers by Chinese hackers  has been exposed yesterday.

Chinese hackers are trying constantly to hack sensitive Indian numbers and many government organization in the past.This time they have tried to penetrate via WhatsApp.

chinese hacking

It is  one of the most popular instant messengers online used by Indians.

Indian Army has once again warned the common public to avoid any group which has members starting numbers with +86.

They have also warned to block any person’s request to join any WhasApp group.

In their Twitter handle,Indian Army has published a video warning about the subject.

If you change your number  Indian Army has advised to destroy the SIM card completely to be in the safer side.

It is also advised to refrain from joining any unknown WhatApp group always.

Be Alert! Be Safe!

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