What to Include in a Resume That’ll Land You an Interview

What to Include in a Resume That'll Land You an Interview
(Last Updated On: December 11, 2019)

Looking for a new job can be daunting, especially if you don’t feel well-equipped for the process.

The very first step in getting ready for your search is to make sure you’ve got a fantastic resume.

Your resume has to be amazing because almost half of the hiring managers spend less than a minute looking at each resume. Plus, nearly 80% of hiring managers disqualify resumes with grammatical errors or typos.

Knowing what to include in a resume could make or break your chance of landing an interview.

Do you want to know what to include in your resume? Keep reading to find out!

Start with a CV

Before you create a resume, start with a curriculum vitae . Even though they’re sometimes used interchangeably, a resume and a CV are 2 different things.

A CV, also known as curriculum vitae, translates to the course of life, in Latin. It’s basically an in-depth resume that can be laid out over 2 pages or more.

It’s more than just your career biography because it contains detailed information about your achievements, education, awards, honors, publications, etc.

In length, purpose, and layout, a resume is a bit different. It’s meant to be concise (shouldn’t be more than 1 page), and it should set you apart from the competition.

It doesn’t have to contain your entire career. Instead, it should provide highlights, particularly pertaining to the specific job you’re applying for.

You should cater to your resume to match the job. Many companies use an ATS (applicant tracking system) for the collection and organization of applications. If your resume doesn’t contain specific keywords laid out by the job poster, the ATS could reject your application before it ever gets seen by the hiring manager.

If you start with a CV that outlines your ENTIRE career history, awards, achievements, accomplishments, and qualifications, it’ll then be easy to pick and choose what works each time you alter your resume to suit a job.

What to Include in a Perfect CV
What to Include in a Perfect CV

Provide the Right Information

It’s perfectly ok to have fun in your resume design and layout. But there are certain pieces of information you should never leave out.

Make sure your resume always includes the following:

  • Contact information (name, phone, and email)
  • Skills and strengths (cater them to each job)
  • Any special skills or training
  • Employment history
  • Education history

Depending on the industry you work in, you could also include an objective and references if they’re requested.

Edit Your Resume Every Time You Send It

Your resume should be an extension of yourself. Don’t throw hiring managers off by letting a typo or a spelling error slip through the cracks.

Be mindful of KEYWORDS. Read every job description carefully, so you get a good idea of what the company is looking for. Tailor your resume by including details about your career and skills that touch on those keywords.

Avoid images and photographs if you can, as they can create issues for recruitment software.

And get a second opinion! Ask a few people you trust to be honest and find out what they think or if there’s anything that jumps out as a negative.

Knowing What to Include in a Resume Is Essential

Knowing what to include in a resume can make or break whether or not you get an interview.

It’s crucial to include the essentials, and edit it regularly. Plus, by catering your resume to each position, you’ll ensure that it doesn’t get overlooked by hiring software or tossed aside by a hiring manager.

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