What to do when you have no internet:10 Cool Things for you

What to do when you have no internet
(Last Updated On: December 20, 2019)

We live and breathe online! No one can think of without the internet and mobile phones. Internet is no longer is a luxury but a necessity. From online transactions, entertainment, and all official work internet no doubt is the key player. But do you know we can do many things better when you have no internet around? In this article, I will outline what to do when you have no internet and present you 10 such cool things which you can start from today!

So let’s start.

What to do when you have no internet

1. Compose a blog post

Bloggers are busy no doubt. But when there is no internet,it becomes easier for composing a blog post offline. Writing is an art and it can be done better when there is less distraction outside. Not only that if you are a busy blogger you can schedule your whole month’s task during this time and it will be a lot easier to maintain this later.

You can also brainstorm a lot of topics for your future blog posts which will be so much helpful for you if you are into a busy schedule.

Especially if you are a part-time blogger and juggling your day job and blogging together then this is the time when you can brainstorm your creative ideas.

If you are within office premises and if there is a certain loss of internet connectivity for some time, then you can utilize this time by brainstorming some of your next blog post ideas. You can always take a piece of paper and outline your ideas in that for your future reference.

I follow this and believe me it works like a charm for me.I do a 9-5 job and whenever I have time and there is no internet connectivity on my office premises, I utilize every moment of that. It helps me to brainstorm some new ideas and with this, I help myself for producing new content every week.

2. Read a Book

We forget reading books, Right? Especially with the advent of the internet, there are many other options available that seem more exciting for learning. Learning has transformed into infotainment.

But this can’t replace the value of reading books. Imagine when there is no internet there was still Einstein. Several historic and evolutionary inventions are made just by reading books.

So when there is no internet you can start reading a new book which can be anything you like. Reading a book can help you to gain some new insight on that topic. Always keep a book with you which you can read when you have no internet.

3. Plant new trees

Planting a new tree is a great way to utilize your time when you are offline! You can simply plant anew tree in your backyard to keep the environment green. It will help you refresh your minds and keep you fresh.

4. Organize your study room

Believe me or not there is not enough time to keeps things in order in our rooms when we have the internet around! After attending those long meetings on Skype we do not have enough energy left for this. So we can easily organize our study rooms when you have no internet.

5. Try a new recipe

We all love to eat.

Isn’t it? So you can easily try a new recipe at this time. You don’t need to be a cooking expert. Just make a simple recipe like French fry or a new diet salad which is easy to cook and exciting too.

6. Have a walk

Walking is a good habit which we seldom do! But regular walking is good for health. But with the modern transportation system, we do not have that chance to walk. So when there is no internet connectivity you can just take 5 minutes to walk in your office lobby which can refresh your body and your mind as well.

7. Take a nap

Sleeping at the workplace is a bad habit and I completely agree with that. But there is no harm to take a nap of 5-10 minutes when there is no internet connectivity around. It will help to refresh your mind and body in those long office hours.

8. Hear some cool music

Music is a miracle. If you love to hear music then put your headphones and move to the cafeteria! Just tune in your favorite tracks and relax. It will help you to relax your mind no doubt.

9. Call your Mom!

Nothing is like a family! Especially if you are abroad or living in another city for your job. Just give a call to your mom! She will be so much happy. She waits all the time for your call. So a simple 5 minutes call meant so much for her. Just go for it!

10.Watch TV

When you have no internet, watching television can be a very good idea. You can always stay in touch with the latest news, movies and all the other things you feel interested in. If you are keen on sports and mainly watch sports online there is plenty of option for you on the television too.

The satellite channels are well equipped to present you with the latest sports information for you. If you have the latest set-top box installed then you can also watch on-demand movies also. So it is not a one-way communication anymore.

Conclusion: I hope the above article will help you to illustrate some ideas about what to do when you have no internet. Do you have some other ideas?

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