What Makes the Best SEO Consultants Stand Out?

What Makes the Best SEO Consultants Stand Out_
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SEO is one of the toughest jobs in the market and those who think SEO is easy well, things have changed a lot. It takes a lot to achieve an SEO client and it is harder to retain those clients. In this post, I will try to figure out the top qualities to be the Best SEO consultants.

Personally, I am working in the SEO industry more than 8 years now and have faced many such situations where retaining an SEO client had been next to impossible.

So let’s break the steps:

Educate your clients

SEO is an ever-changing game. Businesses seeking SEO services simply has not much time to cope up with these changes. They simply hire you for this. So it is your moral responsibility to educate your client time to time these changes to your clients.

Remember they are busy. So just point out the changes to them which can impact their business without going much deeper to the technical side. This will help them to increase their confidence on you and hopefully increase your chances to retain them.

For example, Mobile indexing is mandatory these days now if you go to explain every detail of it then chances are you are not understood! Simply tell them Google now prefers mobile sites more so developing a responsive design will help you more!

This will surely work!

Educate yourself

This is one of the most important things to consider.SEO is changing always. So you must be in that in the learning curve!

Follow the latest SEO blogs like Search Engine Round Table, MOZ for your daily improvement. Remember techniques that worked yesterday may not work tomorrow so always make your plan B in advance! Learn a good analytics platform preferably Google Analytics in depths so you can always make a data-driven decision.

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Schedule your Meetings Frequently

There are many SEO consultants and SEO companies simply lack this. Regular communication with your client is as important as implementing the daily work!

It is always preferable to schedule advanced meetings with your clients for future work plans, improvements and your asking for your client’s inputs. Always ask questions to understand your client’s business better.

Automate Reporting

It is the time of automation! There are many SEO’s who rely on manual reporting at a scheduled time. But there are tools out there to do this tasks automatically! You can schedule your Traffic progress report to your clients just using the ‘SHARE’ report option in Google Analytics to Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly just in a few clicks!

You can also utilize the free Google Data Studio to unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and beautiful reports. This will open up a new horizon for you, your clients can see the reports all in a real time and without any manual intervention!

Preserve your valuable time to analyze and make your SEO strategy rather than digging the same old report template!

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Involve in communities

There is no better way to learn without solving other problems! Forums and communities are excellent places where you can learn by examples.

In the case of SEO niche, there are forums like seochat where you can learn and experience all SEO aspects ranging from Google optimization, Bing SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing etc.

There are unique cases in each of the topics and you can learn and apply these techniques to your own SEO strategies to make a difference!

If you feel alone then you can ask any question anytime and there are SEO experts here who are always happy to help you.

Plus if you can contribute regularly and solve other’s problem then there are ample chances that you can also win some good client just from here!

It is a win-win for both of you!

Involve in Content Marketing

Without an effective content marketing strategy SEO will never work. It has been tested a million times that a quality content can provide a great SEO benefits over time!

According to SWEOR Google prefers an average of 2,416 words for the first result and the 10th result has an average of 2,032 words.

So longer form of content really stands in the long run!

If you want to be a great SEO consultant you have to craft to master the art of SEO copywriting!

This doesn’t mean you have to write the content yourself but it does definitely mean to set the right structure for your content.

You should always instruct your content writer to revolve under a single topic at a time and put those targeted keywords in the appropriate places.

Be a Ninja in Local SEO

Local SEO is critical. In reality, 46% of all searches on Google are local. Approximately 89% of people search for a local business on their mobile phones at least once a week, with 58% searching daily.

So if you want to be good SEO marketer you can’t overlook local SEO in your SEO strategy!
I also suggest to craft the local SEO techniques and if you do not know about it it is not rocket science.

You can learn while doing this!

Being local means have your citations right all those major search engines and it starts with Google My Business.

So if you not yet claimed the Google My business Listing then shoot your client immediately that you are planning to implement GMB for them.

Optimizing the GMB can make a very good impact on your overall SEO strategy and believe me you will also start receiving sales calls if you can do it correctly.

I also recommend you to start an outreach campaign with the other local influencers of the concerned area if they can ready to collaborate.

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Always Deliver More than expected

Everyone loves some extra! So if you can try to deliver some extra that is scheduled it can always help you.

For example, if you are assigned to deliver a blog post weekly then it is always a good idea to push yourself a little to deliver an extra blog post in a week for your client!

Not only it will help to rank for some more keywords but also give your client an idea that you are trying your level best to give him the best results.

If you can do this consistently then there is ample chance that your client will rely on you more! It is a good sign!
When your client relies on you more then you are always a step ahead to retain them for a longer period of time!

Have Patience

SEO is all about patience!

Google changes its search ranking algorithm multiple times a day! (Source) So the search rankings can shuffle according to that!

So you have to keep your patience on for that. If your search engine positioning suffers multiple times despite legitimate SEO work, don’t panic!

You will be on track shortly! So just avoid the spammy work. That’s it.


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