What is Autoblogging? How Autoblogging Works?

What is Autoblogging
(Last Updated On: February 22, 2019)

Autoblogging for blogger |Today we are going to tell you Autoblogging. If you also want Autoblogging, then you are reading the right post.

Many people are now making a lot of money by creating their own blog. You can earn a good fortune by blogging. If more visitors come to your blog then you can have a better income than this. In the blog, you can write on any topic. And by writing your article, you can publish it.

In the same way, you can also do Autoblogging, but Autoblogging is slightly different. This is a type of blogging. Without this, you can earn more money without doing it. You need to know all this for it. After that, you can do Autoblogging well. You will also know what benefits and losses you get from this today.

What is Autoblogging?

You do not have to write any type of post in it. Everything in Autoblogging is automatic. Content from another site in Autoblogging is updated on your site, just need to set up a bit.

From another website’s RSS to automatic, the contents of that website are shared on your blog. If you are thinking that content from another site will update on your site, then it will be copyright content. Google can also shut down your site.

If you use Automatic Software or Plugin, you also get the option of editing it. You can also edit your post, and the link from where the article is copied is also added to your article. And it will not be considered copyright, for this, to create a website on a blog or WordPress, there is a set up on the website.

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An account is created on the IFTTT website. After the setup, posting on the blog via RSS Feed starts updating. If you want to Autoblogging on the WordPress blog then you need good hosting. We strongly prefer Bluehost for this.It has some great plans.Bluehost also offers free SSL certificate included to its every plan. You can also use the VPS Server.

How to do Autoblogging?

You do not have to write a post in Autoblogging. Your post will be automatically published,

First, you have to create a blog in Blogger, then create a blog.

Prepare the Feed Url for the blog of the site you want to copy the post. You can find Url Feed of any site by Add Extension of the URL to the RSS feed on the Chrome browser.

How To Set Up Autoblogging in Blogger?

So now know that Autoblogging Kaise Setup Kare will follow this step below,

  • Go To Web

To be Autoblogging, you must first go to the IFTTT website. And enter your Email Id. Then click Get Started and set up a password and sign up.

  • Tap on My Applets

Now after the account is created, go into the dashboard and click on My Applets.

  • Tap on new applets

After clicking on it, a page will open before you click on New Applets.

If + This Then That click on Me + This.

You have to select your Platform in Choose A Service. (Blogger & WordPress)

Now select Topic and click on the Connect button.

Select Trigger

  • Select Web

Now after this, permission to permit Gmail account is to be granted. And you have selected a website on the website that you have created on Blogger. In which you want to Autoblogging.

Now click on Create A Post.

Select the category that you want to update on your blog. You can also publish Automatic Post from other website’s RSS Feed.

Then click on the Create Action button.

In the last click on the finish button. So friends are just you can publish an automatic post on your blog like this.

Advantages of Autoblogging

  • Once you have setup it, the automatic post will remain on your blog. It also saves you time. If you do not have time to write a post, then this is a very good way for you.
  • Regular post updating on your blog also gives your site good traffic.
  • You can also earn income through this, your income also gets better.
  • With Autoblogging you can also get your Adsense Account approved.

Is Autoblogging Legal? Disadvantages of Autoblogging

  • If your readers know that your content has been copied, then they will not come back to your website again.
  • Your site will not be able to rank because of the poor SEO on your site.
  • Google can also penalize your site.
  • Your blog may also be closed if your blog is being reported on Blogger.
  • Autoblogging can also lead to your Adsense Account Suspend.

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