What Is A Twitter Wall And Why Should You Use It For Events?

twitter wall for events
(Last Updated On: June 4, 2019)


twitter wall for events|If you’re a marketer or an organizer planning a grand event, then your mind must be blogging up with ideas. Let me add an amazing idea to that list- Twitter Walls.

They are an incredible tool to boost audience engagement and enhance event ROI.

This article is all about Twitter Wall. Everything important there is to know about them is in here. You will get a wholesome idea about how can you use it for events.

Come, let’s start this amazing journey together.

What Makes Twitter Unique For Events?

Twitter is a major slice of the ever-growing social media pie. A tweet may be restricted by a 280-character limit but the power of Twitter is limitless. With 326 million active daily users and 500 million tweets sent per day, you can imagine the vastness of the impact Twitter has on us.

If the target audience for your event is a tech-savvy one and a younger demographics comparatively, then Twitter is the ideal social media platform to be a part of your event marketing strategy.

Twitter offers you a wide variety of information and is a great platform to discover relevant and interesting user generated content.

Twitter Walls, What Are They?

We all know the power of real-time and big screens. Twitter Walls are a perfect integration of both. Simply stated, Twitter Walls are digital screens displaying live real-time Twitter feeds fetched via hashtags,keywords, lists, favorites, and others.

The basic functioning behind the smooth working of any Twitter Wall is aggregation, curation, customization, and embedding/displaying of your Twitter feeds on your websites/display screens respectively.

Relevant Twitter posts are first discovered using sources like hashtags, keywords, Lists, Favorites, and others. Once discovered,they are aggregated in the Wall Editor, where they are customized, curated, and moderated.

Having done all the treatment on the Twitter posts, now you can either embed it on your websites or display it on a digital screen via Twitter Wall.

Twitter Wall, also known by names like Tweet Wall and Twitter Media Wall, is a great addition to any event. They are apt for events like conferences, seminars, graduations, digital signage, trade shows, launch events, and many more.

Having said that, let’s embrace this beautiful technological invention by reviewing the incredible benefits of Twitter Walls that make them so imperative to be used for your events and make them a grand

Why Should You Use Twitter Walls For Your Events?

➢ Boosts Audience Engagement

Just imagine how interesting is the idea of real-time Twitter feeds displaying on a big sparkling digital screen, customized just according to the look and feel of your event.

Sounds amazing right? It actually is. It has immense power to engage your event attendees and grab their attention. Everyone likes getting featured on big screens.

When your event attendees see that just a Twitter post using the event hashtag can get them displayed on the big screen in front of a wide range of audience, they readily post on Twitter about the event happenings and share images and videos of the same.

Hence, Audience engagement is boosted greatly and your event turns out to be a great success.

➢ Displays User-Generated Content

Twitter is a great source of user-generated content. Twitter Wall gives you the wings to fly high in your marketing approach by displaying the curated and customized user-generated content.

User-generated content is inherently interesting and engaging. When you display user-generated Twitter content up on the social wall, you simply integrate the benefits of Twitter with the benefits of user generated content.

Your audience is bound to engage with the beautifully displayed user-generated Twitter content. Also, it encourages further contribution to the Twitter Wall by motivating your event attendees to post about the event on Twitter.

➢ Makes Your Event Trending On Twitter

Twitter Wall at events encourages your event attendees to readily post on Twitter regarding your event, its happenings, its ambiance, etc. More the number of tweets using your event hashtag, more are the chances of your event to trend on Twitter.

As your event gets trending on Twitter, more people know about it, gathering more audience to your event and even spreading a word of mouth about your event on Twitter, marketing it to the lengths even beyond your imagination. It also helps you to bind your audience not just for this time, but even for the future events in the years to come.

➢ Advocates For Your Brand

Twitter Walls display your brand-related content from Twitter generated by users with their free will. When you display it to your audience at events, it acts like Social Proof of the authenticity and acceptability of your brand among your users.

This helps to advocate for your brand thus generating social trust.

Also, it helps to strengthen your marketing strategy. You get amazing features that help you robust your marketing strategy.

The customization feature presents your Twitter feeds in an attractive way so that your audience is prompted to engage with it.

The moderation panel filters your Twitter content to produce the best ones out of it. And the last but not the least, the Analytics help you measure the performance of your Twitter wall and its engagement level with the event audience.


Twitter Walls are a great way to engage your audience at events and turn your event into a grand success. It is easy to use and a really great addition to events.

The event ROI is improved and everyone is left happy… your audience, your sponsors, your speakers, and your brand obviously gains a lot of buzz on social media through the word of mouth marketing.

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