These are Top 6 Reasons to Use Linux Right Now!

why use linux
(Last Updated On: June 30, 2018)


I am sure you all have heard about this. This is one of the world’s most powerful Operating system available today.

Now in this post I will explain why you should try Linux and also about its different versions available!

Now honestly speaking when talking about Linux most of us think about the complexity and different  technological jargons which most of us try to avoid.

But believe me things has changed a lot today!

Linux started its journey in 1991 as a personal project of a Finnish student Linus Torvalds in attempt a new free operating system kernel and boom a new era has started!

But in my opinion Linux is an underrated product and deserve a better place amongst us!

It should not be restricted only in complex setups, server environments but any one

with a little computer knowledge can install it.

But now the big question arises.

Why should I change my good old Windows! Now no argue with that.

Believe me or not we have to give credit to Microsoft to bring Windows! But that is a story for another day.

Let us focus on Linux for now.

What is Linux good for?

Why Use Linux:

# It is free, Powerful and community guided:

We all love to save money right?

Now Linux is offered completely free version as it is developed as open source community you never have to pay for Linux!

if you a programmer then you all all the power in your hands to develop it as you like and as per your need.

You can even be a member of that world-class community in that sense.

And if you are a non developer like me the there is no reason to panic! Believe me there are world-class developers   out there to help you out!

so you are covered in this way!

Now imagine this with Windows or Mac where there is almost no scope like Linux as there are completely privately developed by their salaried developers!

Plus you have to pay a lot of money just for buying your OS !

Imagine if you are going to buy a PC you can save the money for your OS and invest that in hardware configuration which you never do with Windows or MAC.

# Lots of Variations:

One of the greatest feature of Linux IS they come up with

many variations to choose from.

So if you are a media buff you can use Mythbuntu or Linux Mint which has some awesome media centric features.

If you are student or need more development focused OS I can recommend Fedora Red Hat’s community Linux or CentOS.

The choice is yours!

This is something missing in case of Windows or Macs which has some limited versions of OSes available.

If you are also looking for some great job opportunity learning Linux  can land you to your dream job.Linux has lots of  great carrier options.Nettyfeed has really a cool post about Linux administration.So if you are interested,you can check out the post.

#Numerous Apps:

Each version of Linux has their own app store for example

GNOME Software, KDE Discover and MintInstall from which you can choose many utilizes and extend your productivity with Linux which are more popularly known as packages.

Now the only thing is to look that if the package you want to use is compatible with your distribution or not!

#Minimalist Approach:

Another thing is that if you have some old PC with minimal hardware configuration chances are you can’t run Windows or Mac into it. Simply because they are much more resource hungry!

But in case of Linux OS like Elementary OS can run with very minimal configuration with reasonable performance!

If you want to run Linux without touching your existing OS you can also have the option like Knoppix or Ubuntu which you can run just from a bootable flash drive or CD/DVD.

It is that easy!

Now this is something not possible easily with Windows!

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#Top notch Security:

If you have a Linux PC you can assure 90% viruses and malwares simply cannot touch your PC because it has a very strong OS Kernal which is very hard to penetrate!

If you can research a little you can find most of the hackers and advanced users have Linux!

Distributions like Kali Linux which is also available as mobile apps is used specifically for Penetration testing and Ethical Hacking!

So you can count on it!

#Experts rely on Linux:

If you have still any doubt then listen what experts say about Linux.

Datamation’s  Linux expert Bruce Byfield has these top 10 Linux distros list recommendations:

  •  Debian
  •  Linux Mint
  • Knoppix
  •  Qubes OS
  •  Tails
  •  Mageia
  •  Bodhi Linux
  •  Fedora Project
  •  Trisquel GNU/Linux
  •  KDE Neon

He thinks the above Linux distros can serve very well  and are influential.

Last Words:

Really  the above points are  very strong reasons to use Linux!

Linux is an excellent choice no matter if you are a beginner or an expert.It has always something to offer for everyone!

So if you want some new variation and want to try some new go for Linux! The applications of Linux has no limits!

Do you have some other Linux distros I forget to mention?

Please share your experience with Linux!

Do comment or share any views about this!

I will be more than happy to hear your answer.

Have a good time and a have a great Diwali ahead!

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