Top 4 Takeaways at the Big Goldman Sachs Tech Conference 2018 From NVIDIA

Goldman Sachs Tech Conference 2018
(Last Updated On: February 18, 2018)

NVIDIA is one of the first participants in the Goldman Sachs Tech Conference, 2018 who spoke about their innovations around various chipmakers sections in San francisco.

It is one of the most anticipated tech conferences worldwide and tech giants like eBay Inc, Alphabet,, Twitter, Citrix Systems, Inc., Corning Incorporated, Square Inc., IDTI, Zillow Group, ServiceNow, Ultimate Software, Xerox are all going to participate in this huge conference which can really pump up the environment.

With the current demand for power gaming,cryptocurreny mining,latest AR devices the company observed a huge demand in their products and registered 20% increase in stocks .

Here are the top keypoints which NVIDIA discussed in the conference.

CUDA Programming Interfaces:-

NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress, stressed on CUDA programming interfaces. It is a new way to cope up with the modern technology and to fit with deep learning mechanisms.

They also stressed more on developing high end GPUs to give a stiff competition to the competitors like Intel.

HPC Computing:-

The next big point is to concentrate their focus more on AI powered solutions to support HPC, drones and surveillance systems.

They truly believe AI is the future!

High End Graphics Card and Cryptocurrency Mining:-

Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies are the future of economy. So keeping  this in mind, she expressed that the company will continue to produce high end GPUs and Graphics card as more people are involving in these cryptocurrency mining game!

Automation is Everywhere:-

Believe it or not automation is everywhere!

NVIDIA also comes up with  their costly and powerful Drive PX Pegasus computing board.It consists  two system-on-chips (SoCs) with two discrete GPUs which can take the control from the driver from almost every situation and to make driving more easy than ever!

Last Words:Surely there are lots to come!We have to wait for the best.But with this kind of start which NVIDIA delivered,it is going to be more exciting than ever!

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