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(Last Updated On: February 1, 2019)

Top 10 YouTubers in India|Youtube is  the second most important search engine in the world with more than 30 million visitors per day worldwide.

It is no wonder more and more people are joining Youtube daily and there is no signs of slowing down the trend.

This trend is rather influenced more  by the rise of JIO in India.

These people  who make videos in Youtube are called Youtube contributors and more commonly Youtubers.

In this post I will going to discuss the  Top  10 fastest growing YouTubers in India 2017(Vloggers)not only based upon their number of subscribers  but also how are they influencing the nation with their Videos.

Believe me friends these most popular Youtubers are extremely talented persons. Because making videos and influencing the audience is not a simple job.

It needs a lot of hard work, innovations and passion to be a successful  Youtuber.

They know what their audience,what they love and what they expect from them.

With this in mind let us start the journey!

Top 10 Youtuber in India

1 .#Technical Guruji:

Gaurav Chaudhary, better known as Technical Guruji  is one of the best Indian Tech Youtubers.

Born on May 7, 1991 he has told that he used to watch youtube videos from 2007 and from there he decided to start his  own youtube channel.

With this in mind he approached to Sharmaji Technical( who is also a popular tech Youtuber) to upload his video in his channel.

Sharmaji was then about 15000 subscribers and freely accepted this.

On October 18, 2015, he started his official YouTube channel, “Technical Guruji” which was quickly popular and  became one of the nations top most youtube channel in no time.

Gaurav has actually revolutionize the tech blogging in Hindi.

He uploads two to three videos daily without any breaks and on schedule without any fail till date.

The way he interprets technology is simply unputdownable.

If you hear once you will never feel it is a tech news video rather than you experience a new level of infotainment which is worth a mention.

As of now he has almost 3,917,221 subscribers and the numbers are only growing.

He is based on Dubai these days but he frequently travels to India for letups in different part of the nation.

From my experience I can tell you he did more meetups than any other Youtubers in India you can imagine.

As a top Youtuber of India he is also the most influential voice among youths.

People in every parts gathers in hundreds in his meetups which is a big dream for anyone.

Being a top Youtuber he is always ready to help others no matter he is big or small.

Though there is some recent controversy in this matter of helping others with Technical Sagar on this but I think both are splendid at their own place.

This type of controversy wills only demoralizing youngsters.

So it is my humble request please stop this narrow rivalry.

You both are excellent and are icons for millions like us.

  • Subscribers: 3,917,532(till Nov 2017)
  • Video Views: 364,236,914(till Nov 2017)
  • Country:India
  • Channel Type:Tech

2. #Sharmaji Technical:

Praval Sharma ,commonly known as Sharmaji  Technical is one of the most loved youtube tech bloggers of  India.

He also blogs in Hindi and was considered the grandfather of tech blogging in Hindi in Youtube.

Similar to Technical Guruji his video are also fluid,sharp and to the point.

If you like unboxing,reviews he is the man to follow.

Though he mainly focuses on smart phones and gadgets he also shares tech news occasionally.

One of the most respected Youtubers in the community he has approx 600K Subscribers till date.

Along with his channel you can also checkout his website here

Many feels his style is more rigid but you have to consider the quality he provides.

Everyone has his own style and we must respect that.

Fun fact: Also watch Varchasvi Sharma his cute daughter who also make the Unboxing of non tech videos occasionally  with him, is  really so nice to watch.

  • Subscribers: 744,685 (till Nov 2017)
  • Video Views: 94,213,716 (till Nov 2017)
  • Country:India
  • Channel Type:Tech

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3.# Nisha Madhulika:

One of the most recognized female indian youtubers in India.

If one think age is an abstraction of becoming a youtuber then she is the person to look for.

She was 56 when she first started his youtube journey in 2007.

Now she has become a household name  of India where she teaches various vegetarian recipes of India food.

The main lifeline of her videos is her simplicity. She makes her videos in a manner that even if you are a non-cook you can still make the dish she is talking about.

Before starting the youtube channel she has her own cooking blog where she shares her recipes but she quickly understood that if she present it in a more visual medium things can be better.

So she come up with her youtube channel and it worked for her.

She has now a team of five people helping her manage the channel replacing her husband and sons who earlier helped her in the journey.

Another exceptional point is her approach towards brand endorsements.

She has confessed that she has been approached by many brands for endorsements  till today she has not accepted a single offer. She thinks she will only endrose products she thinks will be the perfect one for her audience and till now she has never found any like that.

What you can can call it?

It is pure passion and dedication towards her audience and nothing else.

  • Subscribers: 3,046,912 (till Nov 2017)
  • Video Views: 733,582,201 (till Nov 2017)
  • Country:India
  • Channel Type:Howto

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4. #My Smart Support:

If you ask me about my favorite channel, my smart support is my choice.

The man behind my smart support is Dharmenda Kumar which I think is inspiration of millions in India.

Originally from Bihar , Tilouthu a small village in India he started his youtube journey from extreme poverty.

At times he had even no money to eat.

He started his first job from a cyber cafe for only INR 2000 montlhy salary where he has learned a lot about web designing ,youtube and computers.

After this he uploded a video to youtube about how to refill a toner cartridge of printer which become popular in those days.


He quickly learned the potential of youtube and become a Youtuber.

In his channel you can find videos about tech,tips,tutorials, in hindi which you can easily digest.

If you know nothing about technology you can easily language.

For example if you are interested about android app development then you can follow the video series tutorial about Thunkable   where he explained easily how can you develop android apps without no such coding.

Not only for tech videos, he often uploads motivational videos in which he motivates young youtubers about their career guides,youtubing and about many more topics.

His approach is so simple and humble and anybody can learn from him.

So if you are looking for a great motivator Dharmendra Sir is the man to follow.

  • Subscribers: 403,806 (till Nov 2017)
  • Video Views: 43,689,866 (till Nov 2017)
  • Country:India
  • Channel Type:Tech

5. #Bhuvan Bam:

Bhuvan Bam mainly a Delhi based comedian.

His channel BB ki Vines  is one of the fastest growing youtube channels in India.

The channel mostly contains 18+ comedy videos where he often introduces new characters for his videos.

The specialty is he himself plays the characters he introduces.

Not only as an actor but he has also  a strong passion of music .

Most of his videos are slightly adult oriented and has its own target audiences.


Among the many characters one of the most popular one is  the ‘Angry masterji ‘ It is fantastic and it let us rewind our memories how we used to tease our respected teachers in our school.

Very exciting Indeed!

  • Subscribers: 5,082,068 (till Nov 2017)
  • Video Views: 688,790,782 (till Nov 2017)
  • Country:India
  • Channel Type: Entertainment

6. #GeekyRanjit :

Ranjit Kumar or more commonly known as Geeky Ranjit is another excellent tech youtuber around.

From the latest mobile to the latest data plans Ranjit can explain you all.

So if you are going to buy your next mobile make sure you watch the latest review of the device and you will be in the safer side.

The main plus point of his reviews is excellent communication and crisp representation.

He mainly reviews in Hindi but if you like Hindi you can also check out his hindi channel Geeky Ranjit for Hindi!

  • Subscribers: 1,265,992 (till Nov 2017)
  • Video Views: 267,804,986 (till Nov 2017)
  • Country:India
  • Channel Type:Tech

7. #Technical Sagar:

Abhishek Sagar most commonly known as Technical Sagar is one of the finest youtube creators today.

He describes himself as an ethical hacker and also teaches people about cyber security,how to avoid common security loopholes etc.


His videos are fluid and have lots of useful information about web security and lots of DIY guides.

I mostly recommend him for his clear conception about the topics and the way he interprets such complex topics is commendable.

Apart from cyber security he also uploads regular tech tips,unboxing of mobiles and gadgets etc

He has an another Youtube channel called  ‘Sagar Ki Vani ‘ which is mainly a fun and entertainment channel .In this channel he uploads gaming reviews, mysterious videos and other such topics  in Hindi which is also a popular destinations for almost every one.

Recently  a huge controversy broke up when  his main channel Technical Sagar has got strikes for violating rules and regulations of Youtube.

He uploaded a video that he is quitting Youtube because he thought any time soon his channel would  be disabled from Youtube.

In this circumstances Technical Guruji called it a publicity stunt of Sagar,

Next this turns into a huge rivalry between these two having some wrong allegations for each other.

But this is completely another topic and hope both of them will settle down these things and will continue to their work .

  • Subscribers: 665,921 (till Nov 2017)
  • Video Views: 36,879,961 (till Nov 2017)
  • Country:India
  • Channel Type:Tech

8.# Actor Varun Tripathi:

Actor Varun Tripathi the name is enough to describe it all.

Now what do you call this man?

An Angel?

A Saviour?

This is a Youtube channel where it is all about humanity and restoring it back from the modern sins.

Actor Varun Tripathi uploads  most motivational videos online today in India which can assure us that someone is always there for helping those who have nothing for themselves.


The main aim of the channel is to bring Happiness and Difference in the Lives of Under Privileged.

Not only that he also uploads videos about moral values,complex relationships,Social experiments etc which makes this channel a complete different  medium among all.

Salutes to him!

  • Subscribers: 1,361,760 (till Nov 2017)
  • Video Views: 201,181,743 (till Nov 2017)
  • Country:India
  • Channel Type: Entertainment

9. #C4ETech:

C4ETech is another tech channel where he reviews gadgets,mobile etc just like GeekyRanjit.

But his style is more sophisticated and resembles mire with  popular western tech channels like MKBHD .

But the videos are enjoyable and worth a mention.

  • Subscribers: 868,583 subscribers (till Nov 2017)
  • Video Views: 197,966,187 views (till Nov 2017)
  • Country:India
  • Channel Type:Tech

10.#Gadgets To Use:

Gadgets To Use founded by  Abhishek Bhatnagar is one of the top tech channels of India where you can find the latest tech news 24×7.

Gadgets To Use has now grown of  a team of 10 full-time tech-savvy  journalists which makes it one of the leading tech  news Youtube Channel of India giving you the latest tech news blazing fast.

  • Subscribers: 670,098 subscribers (till Nov 2017)
  • Video Views: 130,795,760views (till Nov 2017)
  • Country:India
  • Channel Type:Tech

Last Words:

I am  sure you will like the list of Top 10 YouTubers in India ,I know there are many other Top Youtube creators there but I have just pick some most influential ones for you.

Youtube is just a place where there are also many incredible people out there and yet to be a star.

All the best to them!

Do you love other youtubers I missed?

Please share your thoughts in the comment box and I will be love to answer those.1

Have A Good Day Ahead!

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