Top 10 Dark Web Websites list-How to get on the dark web

Top 10 dark web websites
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Top 10 dark web websites|How to get on the dark web The Dark Web is a completely unexplored world of the Internet which is still unknown to many internet users. Since it is mostly been in the news for illicit activities, it might also be used to access gain access to the latest Hollywood shows, software and lots more. This blog features some interesting information on the dark web and some tricks to help you access it anonymously.

Have you ever explored the other side of the world wide web?

Probably, this might come to your surprise that there is a different side of the Internet that exists which are quite different from what we access in our day to day life. You might have heard of various data breaches and security compromises in top apps and websites which usually gets originated from the different side of the world unknown to most of the users.

The dark web hosts lots of secret and encrypted content which is away from the access of search engines like- Google and Bing. This is quite a different world of secret information that you might not get through the usual search engines as it is completely run on anonymous and private servers hidden from the public

Tracing the Origins of Dark Web

The origins of the dark web could be traced back to the 1990s when people became quite aware of the internet and progressive technologies to communicate through any part of the world. The Internet was mostly used for communication which involved the use of computers in business transactions, interactions between businesses and colleges, etc.

Amidst all of these, parallelly there were various different activities that were going on in the world of the Internet to buy and sell goods which also involved buying and selling illicit materials.

These activities offered scope to criminals anti-social elements to create a completely different network to access the dark web with complete anonymity- without revealing the IP address, location, names, etc. to boost their activities. In early 2000, tools like- Freenet and tor gained popularly among such groups to access the internet anonymously.

It is quite an interesting fact that tor(the onion routing) was invented by US Naval Research Laboratory in order to make intelligence communications secret over the internet for the perview of security. It has been now extended as an open-source application to access the dark web.

Dark Web – Interesting World to Find Free Tools, Services & Content

The Dark Web has gained popularity due to the various news related to illegal activities and trade going in a different part of the web. But it doesn’t sum up the use of Dark Web. It hosts lots of free tools, services, and data associated with top applications and websites which we access in our day to day lives.

The Dark web gives scope to the users to get free access to some of the expensive tools and software available in the market. You can also get access to fake credit cards, passwords, etc. which can be used for buying subscriptions like- Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

It also gives access to the latest movies and Hollywood shows even before the official releases. This might sound cool and interesting but it does come with the cost of privacy which might compromise your protected data in return.

How to get on the dark web-Top 10 Dark Web Websites List

A lot of insights and information on the dark web has already been discussed, now it’s time to get through some of the hidden tools to get access to the world of the dark web. Here are the Top 10 Dark Web Websites which will give you a backdoor to access it anonymously. However, it is advisable to use a VPN before accessing these tools in order to ensure your privacy in the best way.

1. Hidden Wiki

Hidden Wiki
Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki can be used as a directory to search some of the top active sites on the dark web. It gives you lists of various sites that might be of great use in the onion network. It helps you in exploring sites hosted with .onion domain.

2. Duck Duck Go


The Duck Duck Go is one of the popular search engines which lets you access those sites which are not usually tracked by search engines. You can access DuckDuckGo through the TOR browser to access the unexplored world, download free tools and watch the latest movie shows without a penny.

3. Hidden Answers

Are you interested in knowing some of the secret confessions of the real world? The Hidden answer is quite an interesting portal that might give you access to secret confessions and information about the real world. You might also find answers to various questions and post queries to get answers from the real yet anonymous userbase.

4. Mail2Tor


The Mail2Tor is an email address service for the dark web. It is completely secure and anonymous and doesn’t track the location and IP address of the sender or receiver. You can use Mail2Tor to signup to the dark web websites without revealing your identity.

5. Pro Publica


Prob Publica is a news portal which beliefs in freedom of speech thus offering readers with some of the interesting publications, secrets about the governments and policies, etc. It also uses investigative journalism to convey secrets to the readers on the dark web.

6. Facebook in Dark Web

Facebook in Dark Web
Facebook in Dark Web

Image Source

Do you believe that you can access social media in Dark Web? It is quite interesting that Facebook has launched its official .onion service to give official access to the social network on the deep web. It is quite a different world of anonymous conversations and interactions of the dark web.


7. The Tor Library

The Tor Library allows you to download pirated software, e-books and lots more from the dark web. Although it is advisable not to download from the deep web as it may raise a piracy concern for you.

8. Tor Links

The Tor Links can be used as a site to get hints for the existing onion sites on the dark web. It will give you access and links to the hidden websites.

9. Galaxy3 Social Network

This is like any other social network site but it is completely hosted on the dark web. It might not help you to find real-life friends but you can look for some surprises for sure.

10. Hacker Place

The hackerplace offers you access to unlimited movies, books, software, etc. which you can download for free. This is the best torrent alternative that exists on the dark web.

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