Top 10 Best Sites To Download English Songs Free[Updated List]

10 Best Sites To Download English Songs Free
(Last Updated On: August 24, 2019)


Best Sites To Download English Songs Free|There are several people who love listening to English songs. But sometimes it happens that we want to hear our favourite track but did not get it in our playlist.So if you are looking for a  list of  top 100 english songs mp3 for free download you have landed to the right place.

At that time all we want is to download that song immediately and listen to it. Online there are thousands of websites available that provide direct download links for English songs. But not every website is genuine.

Hence, after hitting on the “Download links” users get redirected towards a new page asking them to download any random Browser or application.

There are several spam websites also available online that traps users when they hit on the download links. In order to avoid such irritating and spamming situations, it is important to download the songs from genuine websites.

In order to help all the listeners for getting a genuine and reliable website through which they can download the English song, we have prepared this article.

In this article, we have given the list of some Best Sites to Download English Songs  for Free within no time. Remember while downloading the English song it is important to have a stable internet connection. Without an internet connection, it is not possible to get the song downloaded.

Let’s get back to the point here is the list of Best Sites to Download English Songs Free.

Best Sites to Download English Songs Free[Updated List]



Mp3Juices is one of the best site to download english songs free mp3.You will get the  best quality English Songs  for Free with the best quality possible. Through this website, one can easily download your favorite English songs within seconds.

The best part of this website is that it has a very clean and easy to use user interface. Not only for download,If you want you can also convert your favorite video into mp3 format and download the audio file easily.Many consider Mp3Juices as a mp3 search engine as well.

Artists direct

Along with being an English song downloading website, Artist Direct is also a complete music guide and contains one of the best english songs collection you can ever found online.

It not only provides the link to download the latest songs but also contains News, videos regarding that particular music. Furthermore with the help of this website you can also download other media stuff including videos, photos etc.



Another Best Site to Download English Songs  online is beemp3. This website is considered as one of the best sites through which one can get his or her favorite song downloaded. Through this website, the user can also get the lyrics of that particular song along with the YouTube video link.

That means this website not only helps in downloading the song but also helps in watching its official video online.

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Another website with the user-friendly interface in our list is the last.FM. It is one of the most famous websites through which users can download their online English songs.

Furthermore it at this website the songs are categorized according to the genres like Rock, Chas, pop, and others. Whenever you enter your search in the search inbox the website will display all the songs related to that search. Due to this feature, it becomes easier for the user to explore a lot of music.



4shared is a unique website through which you can not only download your favorite English song but can also share it with your friends and other people.

Along with songs you can also share other media including ebooks, games, and others. If you were a person who loves link all the latest songs then you must download this application in your device. The best part is that with the help of a single application you can get all your favorite stuff in one place.

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There are a large number of users that are using emp3world website for downloading their favorite English songs online. The feature that makes this website is that it allows the user to modify the content of the website and made the changes according to their preference.

The algorithm of this website is also Unique that, it easily adapts and detects the songs searched by most of the users and adds it in the playlist.



There are more than 100000 English songs available on this website that you can easily download for free. This website also provides you an option that you want to play music or download the music.

Whenever you play or download the song the lyrics of that particular track gets displayed. So whenever you want to listen to a song just open this website and enter your first and then the website will play the song along with the lyrics.


This website contains a great collection of music for everyone who loves listening track that can sooth the soul. This helps you to explore the best track. Furthermore, it also displays the list of most searched and most played track.


This website contains more than 400000 songs you can download and listen. It is one of the best websites you can choose to download free English songs. Like other websites this site also provides the feature of playing the song directly on the site. Furthermore, you can also create online playlists.

Along with all other features, the best part of this website is that it provides you Direct Access to the MTV hit that a regular really updated. In order to get up the best song if it isnot important to enter your search in the search box at the home page, you will get all the best search is available.


This website also provides a large number of English songs you can download in your device. At this application, you can easily browse songs according to the country or can also use the search bar to get your favorite song downloaded in seconds. Hence these are some of the Best Site to Download English Songs Free.

After visiting the website you may get frustrated because of the low-level designing or appearance. But these websites provide you with the best English songs you can get for your playlist.

While downloading the song must remember that you are having a proper and stable internet connection. Without having a stable connection it may be difficult for you to download the English song online for free.

English mp3 songs free download a-z

If you like a more complete list arranged alphabetically, then are websites like, where you can get all the English songs nicely arranged.

English mp3 songs free download a-z

In the case of, you can access the best songs of your favorite artists ranging from Aaron Lewis to Elton John listed as YouTube videos.

The list is extensive and easy to use.

All you need to do use online free YouTube to mp3 converter like to convert the video into mp3.

In another hand, If you want the download the most popular English songs free mp3 list in a zip file format you can directly head over to where you can access 242 english songs all ready for download just in a single click.

The list includes popular songs like below:

  • A Dream Is A Wish
  • A Thousand Years
  • All I Ever Wanted
  • All Of Me
  • All We Are
  • All or Nothing
  • Alone No One
  • Aly And AJ No One
  • And I Know It.
  • Angel of mine.
  • Are You Gonna
  • Baby Steps
  • Back at One
  • Battle ships


Hope you liked our list of ” Best Sites To Download English Songs Free“. There are also many other websites available online where you can get the best english songs.If you find any such good site please let us know in the comment box.Also if you like the post don’t forget to share the post with your friends.


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