5 Things to Consider Before Buying Laptop for Students

Things to Consider Before Buying Laptop
(Last Updated On: April 20, 2019)


Things to consider before buying laptop|All Students need competent but affordable laptops.

But what do you have to look for before choosing your “ally” for years to come?

A look at the sites or on the shelves of the retail stores is enough to cause … a headache for those who have to choose the laptop that will accompany them in the years to come among innumerable alternatives.

A Burst of information, tricky technical terms and price differences that make it hard to realize what extra useful functionality they are redeeming. Have you been anxious already?

Just stop reading conflicting comments and digital … shots on a forum and social media. The answers to all your queries to shape your own personal criteria, based on your needs, follow you later!

Help buying a laptop for students

When is the right time to buy?

The answer is one, unique and timeless: the moment you really need it! Quite often, potential newcomer owners are in the process of delaying their purchase to wait for the next generation of processors, the new GPU series or any other upcoming technological development to get the best possible Laptop they can.

Unfortunately for the futility of their expectations and fortunately for the pace of technology development, the above consumers will probably wait indefinitely!

Whenever you buy your computer, it is certain that its price will have fallen to a minimum and that new, technologically superior models will have been released. Stop psychologically with the event and stop postponing the purchase of your next laptop if you really really need it right away.

How much is it worth spending?

Although the above question in times of crisis sounds slightly … ironic, since the point is that we will find even the least to spend, but it is good to have an order of magnitude in mind.

Usually, if our requirements are not sophisticated (and we say we usually refer to demanding gamers), a laptop in the costly 500 -700 € cost category is sure to cover our needs for years to come.

The most economical solutions require a lot of attention as they may hide traps that either affect your daily use experience or cause you to send that machine directly for recycling after a maximum of two years … On the other side, if they are not justified by some extra functionality (eg. touchscreen, ultra-thin dimensions or gaming virtues) are not necessarily prudent.

The reason is that no matter how good a processor is, the bigger the storage space or as attractive as the screen looks like, in three years they will be “archaeological” findings. It is preferable during, e.g. six years of age to buy a middle-class laptop every three years, rather than a laptop in price both of them along with the expectation of getting you out of hand over the years.

The size matters

The most important criterion for limiting candidate choices (which does not require special technological knowledge) is the diagonal of the screen, which determines the size of the laptop. Stay away from marketing sirens and consider how you use the device in your everyday life (or how you aspire to use it).

This means that a student or a professional who wants to have his laptop everywhere will be oriented to a solution of up to 13 inches (probably convertible) that gives him flexibility, portability in the case of the convertible, the laptop-tablet combination on one device.

Instead, someone who processes countless countless sheets of paper has open dozens of windows, wants to watch movies or process photos in detail, will certainly appreciate the “spacious” desktop offered by a 17-screen screen.

Somewhere in the middle, there is the 15-inch golden incision, which seems to satisfy most users who just want a laptop that does not get much space, can easily be moved from room to room and is enough for surfing and office applications.

The Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) screen resolution always deserves your confidence to enjoy crystal-clear picture quality, but do not forget that you can always connect your laptop to any modern TV to play video. In the above equation, add the weight parameter as long as frequent movement is in your shots.

Are you interested in the processor?

As much as you use for your new laptop, you are obviously interested in the CPU as it is one of the most important components of the computer. Intel has gained a clear lead over the most admirable AMD in recent years. It goes without saying that a 7th generation Intel processor is clearly faster than a 6th generation processor, but the most important categorization is within each generation in Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 (from the most economical to the most powerful).

As a philosophy of choice, keep this in mind: in most cases, a higher-end processor is preferable, and let’s be a generation back (for example, we prefer the sixth generation Intel Core i5 from an Intel Core i3 7th generation). In any case, compromise with anything inferior to core i3 (eg with a Celeron) is almost certain to disappoint you.

Another simple rule for evaluating processors within a core i class is that the larger the code number, the better and the performance, although the differences are not necessarily felt in a non-demanding user. For example, the Intel Core i5 7300U is above 7200U (with 7 indicating both the 7th generation). Almost, put as much RAM memory as possible to buy your money, it is always welcome!

Storage: Speed?

A few years ago, the answer to the storage query was simple, the more space, the better, especially considering that for the proper operation of your discs it is right not to overfill them.

But the advent of SSD technology has changed the landscape and put consumers in front of a new dilemma: more GB on a “conventional” hard drive or fewer GB on a state-of-the-art, silent, fast-moving and fast SSD drive? Here too our advice will be clear: an SSD disk capable of fitting Windows files and all your most commonly used applications will radically change your laptop experience!

The start times are nullified and leave in the past when you were on power and you were going to make coffee until the computer opened. If you want to save money, leave your tape on an external drive and invest in an SSD, although there is always the option of simultaneously integrating SSD and HHD on the same laptop (eg a fast 128GB SSD companion with one large 1TB HDD).

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