Top 5 Most Effective Sudoku Solving Strategies[Works 100% Everytime]

Sudoku Solving Strategies
(Last Updated On: March 9, 2019)


Sudoku solving strategies|Solving a Sudoku puzzle is a mind game and it requires full concentration and dedicated efforts. There are only a few master strategies which are required for solving Sudoku.

Sudoku dragon shows you the various methods step by step through which you can solve the difficult Sudoku puzzles. It provides you with hints and possibility analysis options so that you can get the correct grip for solving the Sudoku puzzles.

As Sudoku dragon use the standard library through which you can follow the instructions for the better understanding of the procedure that how to identify the numbers in the grid for completing the puzzle. You can see many Sudoku solving strategies on the Sudoku Kingdom.

Sudoku strategies for beginners

1) Choice Rule

In this strategy, there is a particular choice for the Sudoku square. In Sudoku there is the row, column or region where you need to fill the numbers. It has eight squares available leaving only one choice available so that remaining number must go with that empty square.

You can use this technique for solving the puzzle by scanning the eight allocated squares in all rows, squares, and columns. This is a very easy strategy and anyone can understand it very fast.

2) Single Possibility Rule

The point to remember in this strategy is that if eight squares are solved in the group then the same strategy needs to be followed as we discussed it in a Choice rule.

This is because the way these groups intersect may have the group one with more than one unallocated square and yet only one possibility exists for that square. So this means that it is only possible for the square and that number must go there.

3) Only Square Rule

However, you find a group of Sudoku squares but the fact is that there is only one place that can take the number. Such as if a group has only seven squares allocated with only two numbers left to allocate so it might be the condition that the intersecting group forces the number to go in one of the squares and not in the other one.

There is one more possibility when we look at the squares of their own rather than considering them as a whole group. Sometimes the same square can be solved by both the techniques that are “Single possibility Rule” and other is “only square rule”.

This is a very perfect way of solving the Sudoku puzzle.

4) Naked Twins

Another way of solving the Sudoku puzzle is the naked twins let’s discuss this. This is another way of excluding the possibilities in a group with the naked twins. In this case, the twin squares are evident on their own and so they are termed as naked in order to distinguish them from a previous hidden case.

5) Hidden Twin Rule

This technique is used in order to solve the more difficult and challenging Sudoku puzzle. It is all about spotting the matching pattern of possibilities in a group that is (row, column or region).

Spotting of the numbers takes time and also it requires you to remember and track the numbers for a long time in your brain. So, remember the technique that before solving through this technique take one pen, paper and note down all the important points for a correct attempt.


Sudoku is a kind of game which challenges engaging people and has many good effects such as a strong brain, mental sharpness, strong reasoning, and logic views, faster decision making power and many other benefits which people require in their day to day life.

At the same time, both new learner and experienced Sudoku solvers require a good amount of thoughts and techniques for solving the puzzle completely.

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