7 Successful Magento Development Strategies For Every Web Developer

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2019)


The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly every day and increasing at a double-digit ratio every year.

Magento development alone has 2 million+ active online stores. With a 26% market share, it is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms operating globally.

What is evident right now is the stiff competition that has sounded the e-commerce industry.

Magento is not left out and merchants are asking themselves what is happening to their sales. Is it the product? Is it the customers? Why are sales dropping every day?

To solve this puzzle, I came up with these tips on how to increase sales in your Magento store. Read through for more information.

Focus on Mobile-first Magento Shop

When seeking Magento development services, it is advisable to use a responsive theme that can adapt to any screen size including mobile devices.

Since more than 50% of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile device users, you are losing half of your prospective customers if you are not using responsive Magento themes.

However, many Magento store owners are ignoring this fact, having websites that look terrible on mobile devices.

Google has embraced responsive website and is using them to rank websites.

Unresponsive Magento themes affect your ranking by being penalized by Google. You can use extensions such as Couch commerce or Ten foot to make your Magento store responsive.

Use Custom-built Magento theme instead of free Magento themes

Online stores are not the same. Different store retailers deal with different products distinct customer demographics. Looking from a marketer’s point of view it is reasonable to settle for a custom-built Magento design that allows you to customize your store according to products.

Customizable themes also allow you to strengthen your brand. That is why you need to hire a dedicated Magento developer who offers customizable themes so that you can protect your brand’s identity and corporate individuality.

Customize your Magento Shopping Cart Page

If you manage to convince a visitor to pick a shopping cart, you are halfway to victory. All that’s left is to encourage them to tap on the “Continue to Checkout” button and you’ve won a sale.

The free Magento theme uses a design that is not yet optimized for conversions. By changing the color and the size of the “Proceed to Checkout” button on the shopping cart page, you make it easier for your users to view and click it. You can also use an effective call to action by customizing it.

Instead of Default Magento Checkout Use One Page Checkout Booster

About 15% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart due to the overwhelming requirement to fill pages to complete the checkout process.

If you settle for the default Magento Checkout Page, it will interfere with the user experience on the platform. If you want to avoid this, customize your checkout process and make it short to the point.

Make it a few nominal steps for the quick ordering process. You should also concentrate on all elements of the checkout page including the design, content, navigation, and visibility.

Use a persistent shopping cart

When designing your shopping cart, ensure that similar information is not entered, during the checkout process. Save customer information in case of validation mistakes.

This saves time and effort on the user’s side. This can irritate your clients. Avoid using the (*) field and tag all the spaces if you can. To help your users try using examples in a particular field to avoid mistakes.

Another way to simplify things is to use a “guest” checkout option for visitors who don’t want to fill in a lot of details to make purchases. You should also know that free Magento development doesn’t offer support for their users.

Selling all over the world?? Localize your Magento shop to specific countries

If you are a Magento store owner and you deal with clients internationally, declare that and tell your clients that you also do international deliveries.

Use an IP identification technique so that your overseas clients can view their Magento store in their language. Explain to them whether the amount paid covers shipment.

If not, it is also good to indicate so. The reason why many users lose trust in Magento store owners is a lack of transparency that often leads to inconveniences when transacting.

Optimize the Magento Product Page and Product Search

Another great way to make your Magento store cut through the competition is to optimize your Magento Product Page and Product Search.

This helps you to enhance conversation rates. After optimization, it is advisable to test if it’s effective or not. You can optimize your product search such that when users enter plural or singular phrases they always get the same results.

If the right product is not displayed in the results, try adding more product tags using variations that users may use to search for products.

For Product Pages, display high-quality images to allow the user to see what you are offering. The default images should also be superior in quality.

Show different images in different angles so that the client can decide if it’s the right product.

Backgrounds are also important; therefore use white or plain backgrounds so that the images are seen. For your best selling products, make short videos about them to make them more successful.

Parting Shots

Running an e-commerce website is more than creating a store and making it live.

You need to make your store intuitive, interactive and optimized for greater ROI. Pricing also matters and you need to compare prices on other e-commerce platforms to know whether you are overpricing or underpricing.

I believe that this article has shed enough light on making your Magento store efficient. To fully benefit from the Magento e-commerce platform start by hiring a dedicated Magento development company for excellent development services.

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