Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers: Which One To Buy?

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2019) has predicted that one in 10 Americans will own a smartwatch by the end of 2019. With wearable technology becoming so popular, people are rushing to equip their wrists with high tech smartwatches and fitness trackers.

These devices are more than useful for busy and productive people, especially fitness and tech enthusiasts. Here’s what you need to know about wearable technology in case you decide to make a purchase.

Which One to Buy? Here Are The Top Three Choices:

#1 Apple Watches

Apple Smart Watches fall under the category of the most expensive wearable tech. However, even though they are pricey, Apple watches are well worth the money considering the quality and features of each device.

If you opt for an Apple Watch, you can expect the price range to move between $400 and $1500, depending on the model of the watch. Apple watches are both stylish and durable, and they offer plenty of convenient features such as medical and fitness tracking.

#2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

For those who want a more affordable alternative with high-quality features, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a great option to consider. As one of the best Android smartwatches, this model offers two days worth of battery for half the price compared to Apple’s Series 4. It includes many features for fitness and health tracking as well.

#3 Polar Vantage M

Lastly, the Polar Vantage M is also an excellent option for fitness tracking. Its battery life can last up to an entire week. The watch also features a transflective screen that improves the user experience while outdoors. For a price of $280, this smartwatch offers an insight into fitness activities and health metrics and keeps users up to date with all their notifications.

What You Need To Know About Wearable Technology

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, keep in mind that these devices also have some security issues. Having a piece of wearable technology connected to a smartphone can expose the user’s data and devices to new risks.

Even though the manufacturers of high-end smartwatches put a lot of effort into securing users’ data, wearable tech is still prone to security threats. Here are four tips to keep your smartwatch secure:

#1 Protect Your Smartphone First

Protecting your smartphone is the first step toward smartwatch security. Many factors go into protecting a device from cybersecurity threats. The main safety measures you should focus on include using a VPN and avoiding unverified applications and attachments. “What is a VPN?” you might ask.

It stands for “virtual private network.” It encrypts all data going to and from the device to ensure full privacy and anonymity online (learn more here). No one can track your location or spy on what you are doing online, thus ensuring your private data stays private.

#2 Update Your Wearable Devices Regularly

Much like smartphones, wearable devices receive updates that help improve the security system. It is important to regularly update smartwatches and fitness trackers to reduce the risk of security threats. Besides, updates can improve the overall user experience because they are aimed at solving bugs and vulnerabilities in the device.

#3 Turn On Anti-Theft Settings

Higher end smartwatches feature anti-theft settings that can significantly reduce the risk of data loss. A stolen smartwatch can cause the user numerous issues, from unauthorized access to data theft. If the device you bought has anti-theft features, make sure to turn them on. These settings won’t allow the watch to be paired with unfamiliar devices in case it gets stolen.

#4 Avoid Confidential Transactions

No matter how many safety measures users implement, there is still a risk of cybercriminals targeting them. To prevent data theft, make sure to avoid making confidential transactions, or handling sensitive data on the watch. These include online shopping and transferring funds through PayPal or other payment services.


A smartwatch or a fitness tracker can be a great addition to your collection of tech gadgets. However, keep in mind that you should secure them the same way you would secure any other smart device.

The rising number of cyberattacks and data breaches has left millions of people concerned about their privacy online and the safety of their data.

Now that you know what a VPN is and how it can help keep your data and devices safe make sure to start using it as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to update the smartwatch regularly and keep the anti-theft settings turned on.

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