SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant Review:The SEO Goldmine?

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant
(Last Updated On: August 18, 2019)


SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant : All You Need To Know

Good content is the backbone of any SEO project these days. With quality content, you can standout your website without much effort. In this post, I will point out the review of the SEO Writing Assistant free extension from SEMrush.

So let’s start.

To create great contents we need great ideas. But writing only a great piece of content is not enough these days. So after working hours, on a content when you are finally happy with the content the next step begins!

Is it SEO friendly? Is the readability good enough? Are the targeted keywords are present in your copy?

The above are the key indicators of any good SEO optimized copy which can be the next pillar content for your next blog post.

The free SEO Writing Assistant extension from SEMrush can be the answer of the above questions and really excels optimizing the content into the next level!

What is the SEO Writing Assistant?

SEO Writing Assistant is a free Google doc’s extension that works mainly from Google docs ensuring your copy meets all the necessary SEO metrics to ensure it is SEO optimized.

After creating an account with SEMrush you will need to add the extension from your Google drive to start working!

It is that simple!

  • After installing the extension just click on ‘Add-ons, then click on ‘SEMrush SEO writing Assistant ‘ then click on ‘Show’.
  • It will open the SEO Writing Assistant in the sidebar.
  • It will then present you the following recommendations like Readability, Word count, recommended keywords on the basis of your targeted keywords, check whether your target keyword is present in the Title of the copy or not etc.


These are some invaluable data for any SEO optimizations.

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It will also allow you to download an SCT template containing a list of articles analyzed by the tool, tips on a page title, meta description, and even recommended resources to get backlinks from.


The Readability score is very handy to predict your content’s overall acceptance towards the audience.

The Readability score

It is always recommended to have the readability level in the range of 80-90 which will make your content easily digestible for any average Joe interested in your topic.

You can also download SCT template(SEO content template) specially crafted for your content recommendations.

semrush 3

In the SCT template you can get the following recommendations:

  • Optimized Title Suggestions.
  • Optimized Meta Description Suggestions.
  • Optimized Header Text Suggestions.
  • Optimized Text Suggestions for your copy.
  • Analyzed top-10-ranking rivals for your target keywords.
  • How competitors write about your targeted keywords.

So it is a goldmine for any SEO experts out there!

Plus the tool also offers Plagiarism checking. But it needs a paid plan starting from $99 USD.

Downsides of SEO Writing Assistant

Though SEO Writing Assistant is claimed as a free extension you still need to make an account with SEMrush to make it work. But the real limitation lies in its core usage limitation.

semrush 5

As a free user, you can use only one SCT template(SEO content template) for your project and you have to buy a paid plan for any further template.

It may be helpful for paid subscribers but for others, it may be a big setback!

More is expected from SEMrush if it is a free extension. Isn’t it?


SEO Writing Assistant is overall a great tool for content marketers and SEO professionals who want to squeeze the most out of their content. But most of its features are restricted only for the paid subscribers which can be a major setback for users who need a free service!

Hope you enjoyed the post. If you have any suggestions please comment me below and also please don’t forget to share the post if you like it.


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