9 Most Effective Tips To Save Battery life on Android

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You have just bought the latest model of android phone in the market.

It has hopping 6 gigs of RAM and the latest processor.

But you fear that it can last a even a day !

All of us have the same feeling when we talk about the battery life of our phones!

No matter what the configuration is the battery is a sure mess!

The main thing is compared to other rapidly evolving technology ,the battery has not improved over time which can keep pace with the other latest configurations.

So what to do?

Here are some effective battery saving tips  for android which can surely save some juice of your battery and make it run at least a day!

These are the techniques which can increase battery life of your android phone all without root.

How To Save Android Battery

Turn off those annoying feedback and notifications:

We all love to hear that mild sounds when typing messages or chatting into social media.But those sounds engage the entire small motor to run everytime!

So turning it off can really save some amount of battery life for say 2-3% at least.

Charging Cycle:

When it comes to recharge our phone we uysually do not maintain any schedule or chariging cyles.But several sources has confirmed the fact the maintaing a strcit charging cycle can increase battery life.

For example always charge your phone when it fall below 15% charge and chare it for full 100%.Nothing more nothing less.

Go with Black wallpapers:

If you possess a large screen keeping a hd high quality multicolored wallpaper can consume a lot of your memory just for holding your wallpaper.

So if you have AMOLED screen you can just go with black wallpaper to save some sought of battery because the more the black pixels you got less it takes the battery life.

So keep it like that.

Turn off automatic App updates:

Sometimes there are apps in your mobile which when you go online always updates itself which takes additional battery all the time.So turn off that automatic updates to save some chunk of battery.

You can turn off those automatic setting from goinwith your google account settings and turning them off!

Turning off your phone before you go to sleep:

This is a must do thing and the easiest one to do also the easiest to forget also!

Why keep your phone on when you are not on!

So autoschedule your phone to turn off everyday before you going to sleep say for 11 pm and turn it on for say 7 am.

In this way you can get at least 5-10% that extra battery life which you are just loosing for nothing!

Turn off that shit location off:

Now do you need your device or app to track your location when you are playing candy crush in your phone?Nope! you don’t.

So why you are keeping your location setting on?Keep that off and breathe some fresh life to your battery.

Activate Airplane mode:

If you are a frequent traveler then this option is for you!If you are passing around a lonely place or relaxing a sunbath far from the buzzing city life then this is the option to choose!

Activate it on to resist your phone wasting the power to find a network everytime!

Use battery saving mode:

Every phone comes up with some smart android battery optimization settings modes.Use it to save some percentage of battery that way also.

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Doze it:

Now if you have Android Marshmallow and later you are then blessed it with doze mode inside android which is actually a automatic background setting which can save a lot of battery automatically to save some power!

Also for some additional settings use you NFC,Bluetooth,auto syncing settings etc only when required!

Last words:

If you try those above mentioned tips it will really can boost some battery life for you for a day! and make your android battery last longer atleast than normal.

But all depends on your daily routine and usage habit!

Just try those above tips and observe if you have any improvements.

Do you have some other tips which I forget?

Please give your feedback,post any comments,views.

Because it is all for you guys!

Have a good day ahead!

image source:www.pcmag.com

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