Review: Comparium Automated Website Testing Tool

Comparium Review Best Website Testing Tool
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2020)

The need for website testing is undeniable these days. With the tremendous advancement of technology, countless devices are popping up each day. So when you have a website it needs to be perfectly aligned with these devices and browsers for the optimum experience.

Your website represents your business and often considered one of the most important channels of revenue for your business online. You have to be careful about it and ensure its optimum functionality in every way possible.

Comparium Review
Comparium Review

Today Internet usage has increased day by day and lots of websites on the same products or services. To make the site popular it should be perfect without any error.

If you want to reach the customer directly then it should be easily accessed on the different browsers and operating systems. For this, you have to test the website manually with each and every browser.It is a pain and can take a lot of time which is not a logical solution at all.

An automated website testing tool like Comparium can be the best option for you in this case. This Tool Provides Quality Assurance and when you own the website then it needs advertisement for the brand and it can be easily gone through site development.

For example, I have tested my blog Tekkibytes with this tool with a different browser, device and operating system configuration in one shot and easily figure out the different screenshots provided by Comparium. It really helps me to figure out how my blog actually looks in different browsers and devices.

Below is the screenshot:

Comparium Website Testing Tool
Website Testing with Comparium

It is an automated testing tool and a great technique to access the functionality of the website on different browsers. We have explores that today people use the android gadget for searching the website of their interest with ease.

Nowadays, people can’t imagine the day without their mobile phones and this way people do not use the same browsers for exploring the site. So it is important to create the website in such a way that it runs smoothly on a wide range of platforms and their different versions in a smooth way.

Using the Comparium means automatically having to test and grabs high success in online marketing. Testing of the site using the tool means developing it perfectly and attracts traffic to increase the sale rate.

Testing of the website means making it compatible to runs on a variety of browsers and platforms for customer ease. If you want to provide a great experience to users while your company website then you should test it before posting on the search engines.

We know that testing of the site on different browsers takes lots of time but with Comparium you can check the site with ease and in a convenient way.

Offer uniform experience to users in all browsers

Today most of the people using Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and many other search engines for exploring company details. But with the testing of the website, you can make the site perfectly and allow the customer to collect all information with ease.

Testing of the site also helps to enhance the searching experience and know about products or services.

We all know that people have different locations and choices for using the customer without any hassle. Comparium is the tool that helps to create the website according to their preference. This also ensures the site compatibility with the irrespective on a different platform.

Key Features of Comparium Website Testing Tool
Key Features of Comparium

Comparium helps to boost sale rate

When you create the website then it means due to the owner of the site want to reach the target audience with ease through digital marketing. It is the times when you can make the company reach the top level without any hassle. With the Comparium business owner can easily expand their brand awareness and increase the production rate.

It is the best way through which customers can boost their profit and production with ease. When you create an official website then it should be compatible and attractive among the audience. When you test the site in different browsers it helps to develop a site without any error and offer perfection.

Save time and money

When you go through testing of the site manually then it takes lots of time and also shakes budget. But with the Comparium tool, you can shop at one stop without shaking pocket. This way, business owners can save time and money with ease. It is the automated tool where you have to simply submit the URL of the site and then leave further work on the tool. Even the tool also offers the outcome into the email address of the owner in the screenshot way.

It is the way you do not need to sit in front of the system while the test is going through and then you can avail to another work process to meet the set goal of the company.

Even, you do not need to spend extra money on checking the website on the different browsers. It is the tool where you can check the website responsiveness, design, and access at the one place.
In-sum, Comparium is the tool where you can enjoy testing of the website without wasting money and time. It is a convenient and simple way of making the site perfect.

I have tested the tool manually and found out some notable features of the tool which is mentioned below:

Some faqs About Comparium

Can you use Camparium right now?

Absolutely. Anyone can test their website using a simple interface with a different browser and Operating system configuration.

How much Comparium costs?

Currently Comparium is available in 4 versions(Version 1.0,Version 2.0,Version 2.5,Version 3.0) . The Version 1.0, is currently distributed as free.

Do they provide an API?

Currently, there is no API support for the present versions. But they will likely provide the API support in the near future.

Does Comparium support older browser versions?

Right now it supports only the most popular versions. But they will support 2.5K+ browsers in the near future.

Is there any affiliate offer available?

Yes absolutely. You just have to fill up a simple form to become their affiliate partner.

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