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Data Recovery Software
(Last Updated On: October 9, 2018)


Have you ever removed a file from your system? Did you lose any data from your laptop?Has your system wiped out files that you needed? If these things have happened to you, don’t worry! This data can be restored.

Data loss can happen to anyone. This may occur due to system failure, neglect, or just bad luck. There are many forms of data loss. But data recovery software is the best solution for them all.

Causes of Data Loss

Every system acts in different ways. Mobile phones, laptops, and drives are the most used data storage devices.

Here are two ways you can lose your data:

1. Physical Data Loss

Any media or storage device can get damaged. When it happens through physical means,the damage is usually long-lasting. This could happen as a result of dropping the device or neglecting its safety.

This damage leads to loss of access to valued data. In cases like these,it is recommended to approach a data recovery specialist. Stellar Data Recovery provides a wide range of data recovery services that will salvage your data with efficiency.

2. Logical Data Loss

Logical failure can occur due to file corruption, OS damage, or registry failure. In these cases,the storage device will not show any data. But the device may be recognized by disk management. The data can be restored if the damage is not high.

Data Recovery and Restoration Techniques

To restore data, there are two main methods that are followed. In the first, an instant backup of the data is taken the moment it is written to an external device. This is a preventive technique wherein data from a damaged drive can be restored from the backup taken initially.

The second technique is to prevent the loss from taking place. This can be done through special tools and secure gateways. Prevention is a little tricky because data loss is difficult to predict. In situations that go beyond backups and restoration, it is best to use a data recovery software.

What Is a Data Recovery Software?

Data can be restored on various storage devices. This is where a data recovery software can be of use. Any data that is deleted, lost or formatted has a high chance of being restored.The right software can help you do this. But, the chances are dependent on the damage caused.

Data recovery software works only when there is no overwriting on the device. Similarly,compromised data or severe damage may not be retrievable.

You should choose a good file recovery software. This can restore data from all types of storage media.Data stored on platters writes the information on its surface. When this fails, it can lead to damage. If the storage capacity of a device is large, data recovery becomes complex and time-consuming.

How Does Data Recovery Software Work?

A data recovery software helps to scan the drives within your system in order to find recoverable data. Information such as deleted files, lost data structures, corrupted documents and any form of compromised data are traced and then recovered. This data is then provided in a salvageable format.

There are many types of software for data recovery available. Stellar Data Recovery has software that can recover lost files and media across many forms. This can be done for storage media and encrypted drives. Stellar has recovery software for Windows, Mac and photos too.

In Closing

Data loss can happen to anyone. However, you should remember one thing. Do not try to restore this data on your own. By doing so, you can increase the extent of the damage.

The right software can make the chances of recovery nearly 95%. So, the next time this happens to you, don’t worry! Because the data recovery experts at Stellar can get your files back for you.

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