Top 10 Questions to ask a web developer before hiring

questions to ask a web developer before hiring
(Last Updated On: May 22, 2019)


Questions to ask a web developer before hiring|A website plays an essential role in a business’s growth as more and more people are connecting to the internet for shopping or information surfing.

Therefore, websites always need to be updated with the latest technology so that the conversion rate and business profits keep on increasing. Sometimes, the only update is needed, but when an old website needs to be redesigned completely you have to hire a web developer.

The success of your online business website is completely in a web developer’s hands. Therefore, before hiring you must inquire the web developer so that you can get your desired results. A few essential questions are elaborated below that you must be asked from a web developer before hiring:

Best Questions to ask a web developer before hiring

Q1: Have you worked on the projects that were similar to mine?

A: A web developer can provide you the desired results only when they understand your needs and able to work on the process that turns around your aim.

Therefore, your web developer should have past experience in the projects that are similar to your project. For this, you can ask for a documented design process. If they have, they have huge experience in such type of projects; otherwise, they may put you in big trouble.

Q2: How long you will take to complete my project?

A: Although delays happen in all works, a web developer should be able to provide you an estimated time frame in which the project will be completed. Furthermore, always provide them extra time for necessary amendments so that the issues can be fixed after reviewing the final design.

Q3: How much the project will cost?

A: Project cost depends on the different factors such as; the complexity of the project, the size of the project and on the completion time frame. In addition, well-experienced web developers cost you more than new ones.

Q4: What services you will provide?

A: Each developer offers different packages at a different price range and you can choose according to your budget and your needs. Extra services may include SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC or Adwords, etc. Therefore, you must make a list of services in advance so that you can ask them while interviewing.

Q5: Do you need any involvement from my side?

A: Most of the developers want to hold discovery meetings where they can get knowledge about your business and acquire some ideas that you want to get done on your website. So, you must ask such detail in advance so that you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Q6: Will you design a mobile friendly or a responsive website?

A: Nowadays, 67% of internet surfing and online shopping is done via mobile phone, that’s why for the last few years mobile-friendly designs have been providing huge profits to businesses as compared to responsive or desktop websites. So, you must ask this from the developer in advance so that there will be no space for misunderstanding.

Q7: How easy will it be to update the website?

A: Websites need to be updated from time to time. So, you should figure out how easy or tough the amendment process is after the website goes live. Ask them for the necessary tools and software that will be needed in a simple updating process. Moreover, ask for bigger updates that require more efforts and professional hiring.

Q8: Do you install an SSL certificate for websites?

A: Web security has become the big cause of concern for every e-commerce owner as sensitive information is being transmitted between websites and their users. So, you should ask the developer that do they install SSL certificate on websites, if yes, will its cost include in the service cost or not? Website security must be your first priority as poor security can put your business on stake.

Q9: Will my website be Search Engine Optimized?

A:  Search engine optimization is quite important in gaining traffic on a website. If the websites are not developed by following the Best SEO practices, it may lead to a loss in Google ranking and as a result conversion rate may fall and your entire business may effect. So, it is quite important to ask.

Q10: Can I review and approve the work during the project progression?

A: This question should be asked before appointing a web developer so that you can schedule some checkpoints throughout the project. It will save your time and money which you could waste on the rejected project.


Asking the above-mentioned questions are quite important before hiring a web developer because these questions eradicate the possibility of misunderstandings on both ends and help you to get the best e-commerce website for your requirements.

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