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Qualities of a good administrative assistant|Administrative assistants are responsible for daily routine based tasks like recording entries related to the wages and other clerical tasks.

Nowadays they are also chosen with the help of psychometric test for administrative assistants. They are to be employed in each and every department of the organization and without their adequate support and workings, the whole company will come to a huge halt.

So they must possess strong attributes like good communication skills and great abilities in terms of problem-solving techniques.

They must go through some interviews and aptitude based tests so that they can get the jobs they are aiming at. Their personality is to be judged as a part of the hiring process.

In this article we will discuss some good Qualities of a good administrative assistant and how to pick the best administrative assistant and also how to prepare for a administrative assistant job if you are preparing for such.

The first step in getting a job is to fill the blank application form which is to be submitted at the designated office. Some companies have online methods whereas some of them require a CV in sealed envelopes in their offices. This is the first information about the employee to the employer and this must be taken care of as well.

Proper and due attention must be paid to this information as the first impression is the last one. One must build a very strong CV that must highlight the strong competencies possessed by the people. These may be good typing skills, good computer skills, strong communication skills, high professionalism, and time management skills as well.

Then comes the thing of aptitude tests that are being done to know about the personal details of the individuals. These focus on the aptitudes required by the job as per the nature of the job and these must match up to the best possible extent with the capabilities of the person who is going to perform that job.

These even include tests related to numeric abilities and logical reasoning as well. Verbal tests are also common to judge the verbal abilities of the people applying for the job.

Even inductive reasoning which is a sub-type of logical reasoning can also be used in this area. Another type of test is taken to judge the behavior of the people

in some specific situations and a specific situation can be given to them on which basis the behavior is judged. These can be at separate levels of entry and things like grammatical errors and spelling mistakes play a crucial role under these kinds of tests.

These can even involve reading comprehension that may be able to judge the reading capabilities of the people who are applying for the job. The information provided by the prospective employer must be free

from errors and one must try to build the best of the impressions to achieve the goals of job seeking.

Also, personality tests play a crucial role as they help to check if the person is right for the job or not. This is a very important characteristic to check that the right people are employed in the right jobs.

The only way to do this thing is personality testing. One can artificially by acting react to change the habits but one cannot change one’s personality which is the true image of one’s behavior. One must be able to play with strengths in such a manner that the chances of getting a job are highly secure. The people applying for the admin level must possess the following traits:

Qualities of a good administrative assistant

  • Faith in other people as well as in themselves.
  • The ability to take decisions in due and proper time while side by side considering the situations as well.
  • Creative mindset.
  • Ability to adapt to different kinds of situations.
  • They must be dominant in case they think they are right.
  • They must be ambitious in life and must think to grow in life.
  • They must have the ability to manage emotions.
  • They must have good communication skills and even must have confidence.
  • They must be polite with all and have good computer-related skills.

A prospective and temporary list of questions must be prepared to attempt them accurately. This will help to have in-depth knowledge of the styles of questions and one can even have a clear cut picture of their personality in their minds.

There must be proper skills assessment of the employees so thatthey can be employed on their job in the best manner. This will give the employer a chance to verify that the person, in reality, has the skills mentioned or does not have them at all.

They must know the software skills, typing skills, grammatical and spelling related skills. One can constantly improve the skills by practicing and there is no other way to improve.

One must work hard on oneself and prove it to the whole world about the skills that they can perform the tasks well and even achieve the personal goals by securing the job.

These applicants are also required to go through an interview which means that they must go through such stages of job application with full confidence and the questions must be answered accurately to build an impression.

There should not be any situation of panic even in the case on us struck he or she should not panic rather move on with the interview and come to a smooth flow once again. One must even know about the products and services of the company.

The things written in the CV must be justified by giving the right answers. One should be able to justify the things written in the resume about the skills and abilities possessed by them. There should not be any element of overconfidence as people there are not fools.

They are going to notice each and everything as they are the ones who are going to employ one and keep them on the jobs. So the whole thing must be conducted peacefully and nicely so that the chances of getting a job are higher.

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