8 New Construction Technology Innovations That Will Change The Construction Site

new construction technology
(Last Updated On: December 28, 2019)

New construction technology innovations that will shape the future.

What is Construction technology?

Construction Technology mainly refers to a collection of methods, tools, equipment that is used to build a modern-day construction including highways, bridges, airports, buildings, dams, etc.

It is a branch of Civil engineering which mainly involves the study, design, planning of the construction site.

It is a mainly combined subject that involves mechanical engineering, civil engineering, construction management and all the parts of general science.

A good construction technologist is well equipped with technological as well as analytical and time management skills.

Candidates need to have Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics as a core subject at the secondary level to enter the 3 year UG program for Construction engineering.

For the PG degree, you need to have a UG degree in Civil or Construction engineering.

The typical Construction Engineering course mainly consists of the following subjects in the course:

  • Design & Building construction
  • Construction inspection
  • Construction control & planning
  • Design of various structures
  • Heavy equipment operations & management
  • Metals fabrication and management
  • Project management & planning
  • Welding construction and management

What are the examples of construction technology?

  • Construction software

Construction software mainly involves real-time communication between mobile field agents, construction engineers, inventory management, planning, and analysis.

  • Smart helmets,equipment with AI enabled sensors which can optimize and automate the construction process.

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For example, automated ordering of the raw material when the inventory is low in quantity.

  • Self-operated Robots

Self operated pre-programmed Robots are specifically useful for those dangers sites and places which can be potentially dangerous for humans to operate.

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) and drones

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) or Drones are one of the latest weapons of the New Construction Technology Innovations. These drones can be very handy in the case of construction technology and can be used for Surveying, Mapping, Surveillance and many more.

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During the year 2020, the transformation of the construction sector will find a more significant boost, thanks to the real and practical application of innovative technologies.

Some technologies, which have been developed for a long time, are fast affirming in the market, thanks also to their increasingly low costs

Below are the top 8 forecasts for the New Construction Technology in 2020, and how this might impact on the building and construction sector.

New Construction Technology Innovations

1. Sustainability

Sustainable development is the agenda of the day. In construction, as in many other markets, thinking about sustainability and planning more environmentally friendly development strategies is one of the critical trends not only for 2020 but for the future.

Uniting environmental preservation and socioeconomic growth should be the main focus of the sector in the year 2020.

Companies that develop sustainability strategies that generate the value of capital and environmental quality should stand out.

Currently, the areas of engineering and construction have been adopting technology and the use of resources as alternative ways to elaborate and execute their projects.

In the scenario, one of the main trends is the recycled use of concrete, since the material is one of the primary responsibility for the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Investing in projects that have good ecological practices adds social responsibility and makes it possible to take new steps towards a sustainable and economically prosperous future.

2. Modular Constructions

They have come to increase productivity and reduce costs. These are prefabricated buildings assembled with modules produced outside the construction site and which can be used for commercial, residential, and hotel purposes, for example.

The future has already arrived in construction, requiring a reflection on how new trends will influence the market in 2020.

3. Automation and robotics

The trend is for engineering and construction processes to become even more automated with the help of integrative software, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Prefabricated robotics

The prefabricates dominate part of the construction market. This is a form of production that already used by manufactures in controlled environments and decreases waste. This is expected to become even more technological in 2020.

This is because, with increasing market demand, prefabricated companies increasingly use systems based on production.

4. Automation Software

Automation software is already a fever in the market, and its use is expected to intensify even more in 2020.

Using a site and project management and planning platform not only reduces costs and use of numerous paper documents but also streamlines processes and gives you greater operational control for you.

5. Real-time data sharing

Cloud collaboration may not be new in some industries, but it is clear that in construction, the practice has become popular in a short time.

The trend towards 2020 is that data sharing is, besides being done in real-time, integrated with the various involved in the project; operational team, finance team, management users, etc.

6. Use of renewable energy

As a consequence of environmental concerns and sustainability trends, the use of renewable energy sources should get a lot of attention from construction companies in 2020.

Enterprises wishing to bet on this tendency must provide the proper structure for the instances and can do so in two ways; promoting the generation of energy during construction or creating self-consumption and self-sustaining mechanisms for projects with regard to to energy production.

7. Intelligent Glass

They have the ability to control light and heat absorption with a single touch – up to 25% reduction in lighting and temperature control costs.

The eco-friendly inks, made from oil and natural dyes are great for health and the environment. What’s more, it controls surface moisture, fighting mold and mildew and will highly be used in 2020.

8. Augmented Reality

Using augmented reality, or viewing a 3D virtual item, from a real object that has a reference mark, enables the engineering team to see, for example, life-size building spaces or structures before the beginning of the work.

Although this technology is not so affordable, it should be a trend in 2020 and is to be used in many construction sites. This will become popular, and integrating the projection technology will help a lot in the construction sector.

Final Thoughts

There are many advantages that will be offered by construction technologies in 2020. The technology and use of traffic cones in the construction sector will facilitate coordination with the objective of preventing risks.

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