Momo Game:The Next Terrifying Suicide Game After Blue Whale

Momo Challenge Game
(Last Updated On: September 19, 2018)

Momo Game Explained

The terror continues! It is not a long ago Bluewhale has shaken the world with numerous suicidal records. Now it’s the time for the momo challenge!

In this post, I will outline some true facts of this suicidal momo game which you need to know for you and your kid’s safety!This horrifying game is already being linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

According to, a Class 10 student has already been reported committed suicide in Ajmer in India.

Though Ajmer police are thoroughly investigating the case, the incident can’t be ignored!

The victims’ brother has told that his sister always played this game in her free time at school or during lunchtime.

Let’s break it down:

What is Momo challenge?

The Momo challenge is an online game which has started from facebook now is spreading actively via WhatsApp.
In this game, a distorted looking woman(“Mother Bird”) is being used in this game as Momo.

momo game

Image Credit: Times Now

This figure is actually designed by Japanese artist Midori Hayashi. However, there is no association between her and the game.

This is cleared by her which you can clearly check from her Instagram status.

midori instagram
Image source:Instagram


:The Momo Game Video Explained:


How is Momo challenge spreading?

This Momo game is now spreading via WhatsApp.Initially, Momo is staring the chat and offering the victim for the gameplay offers. After the initial approval, specialized instructions are sent to the victim to do some harmful acts which ultimately ends with the suicide attempt. Failing to execute these tasks will result in threatening messages to the victim.

The game is so smart that there are reports coming up that teenagers who set their WhatsApp status “I Want To Die” or such tags are also receiving invitations from the Momo game.

So it is clear that the brain behind the game is using the technology as the way as they like.

What can you do to be safe?

As there is no online regulation to supervise these online games, only awareness and surveillance is the key.

There are apps which allow anyone to create a proxy and send you such deadly WhatsApp request. So as soon as you get such request you should block the contact and report to the local cyber crime cell department.

For safeguarding your kids you can also use some parental control apps which enables your kid’s activities by monitoring their last seen profile photo, about and status etc.

Conclusion: As these online games are becoming the mainstream entertainment mediums you need to be very aware of the present Social media trends and news. As for parents they need to have an active monitoring mechanism for their kids.

Most importantly also spend some time with your kids and understand their mental needs. This can dramatically reduce their mental loads and also results in low involvement with these deadly games.

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