Microsoft Reports New Russian Hacking Attacks Targeting US Groups

Cyber Attack USA


Microsoft reports a new round of fresh hacking attacks targeting two U.S. conservative groups Hudson Institute and the International Republican Institute.

Primarily, two fake sites were designed to mimic the above two organizations.

Microsoft reported they have disabled several such hacking attempts which were intended to allow the Russian government to penetrate their systems.

Microsoft suspects the notorious Russian military and known as Strontium was behind these attacks.

However, Microsoft has found no direct evidence that these fake sites are used for hacking but still, they are used to steal sensitive user private information like emails, phone numbers etc.

These attacks are not new. In fact, many believe these attacks are pre-planned and are a part of the Russian foreign policy. And what is interesting that the majority of these attacks are executed in the time of U.S. Election as it happened in the year 2016.

The intervention of the Russian government into the U.S. election is an open secret which is also considered a long-term threat for the Americans.

The impact is so huge that tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oath, Snap, Twitter, Amazon, and Apple along with representatives of the U.S. intelligence community met together to take precautions for the mid-term elections.

President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith has also posted in Microsoft’s official blog is that the company is taking serious steps against broadening threats to democracy.

For example, in the case of organizational and personal email accounts, Microsoft will actively use AccountGuard initiative which will cover Threat notification across accounts,Security guidance and ongoing education Early adopter opportunities.

Microsoft’s Defending Democracy Program which was launched in April is also aimed to protect and empower civilians online and to improve the security.

Microsoft has also launched the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, to eliminate the common threats of internet routing system.

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