How Different Types of Marketing Can Grow Your Business

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2019)


How to grow a Business| Marketing has seen a tremendous change in recent years. The change is more in the past two years compared to the previous 50 years. The latest buzzword is digital marketing. There are numerous online marketing strategies but not all of them are effective. Let’s have a look at the important ones:

1. Email Marketing

Emails are in use as a marketing tool for many years. They still deliver a good ROI (Return on investment) to marketers. A research was conducted by Demand Metric and DMA (Data & Marketing Association) and it was found that email marketing had ROI of 122%, almost four times higher than other marketing channels like paid search, direct mail, and social media. Quite impressive!

Building a successful email marketing campaign is not an easy task. Few tips to follow:

  • Make the subject line catchy, engaging, and benefit-rich
  • Don’t use jargons
  •  Write in a plain, persuasive language
  •  Break up the text so it becomes easy to scan
  •  Use bullets and subheading
  •  Mention the benefits you’re going to offer
  •  Optimized emails are used for mobile devices

2. Social Media Marketing

The social media sites have billions of users. Therefore, it is a very effective way to reach people. First, choose the right social media marketing channel and then create a marketing strategy for your business. Focus on the channel where you will find your potential customers.


  • Gives wide exposure and traffic
  • Develops loyal customers
  • Improves search ranking and generates leads
  •  Establishes thought leadership (provides a forum for discussion)

3. Pay-Per-Click Marketing (also known as Cost per Click (CPC))

It’s a process of ‘buying’ visits of customers to your website rather than earning them. The advertiser pays the publisher (website owner or a network of websites) each time the ad is clicked.

The budget gets exhausted quickly. That’s why expertise is required to engineer a successful campaign that generates more conversions than clicks.


  •  Customers can be reached at the right time with the right ad
  •  ROI is higher (since you have to pay only when an interested person clicks)
  • Control over budget
  •  No need to wait for results
  •  Data and insights help sharpen other marketing strategies

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4. Search Engine Optimization

It is the process through which the online visibility of the website is affected. The content should be optimized in such a way that the search engine shows it in the top result for searches.

SEO increases traffic to your website and builds trust.

When a company’s website appears on top on entering the keywords related to their products/services, it gives an impression that the company is a reputable one. There are many challenges involved with SEO. The businesses need to hire a good SEO company to overcome them.

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5. Influencer Marketing

It has proved to be a very effective way of marketing. The people who have large social followings are roped in to advertise for the product/service. The influencers can reach a large number of customers through their blogs and social media networks. A survey of marketers confirmed that 94% of them believed influencer marketing to be effective.


  • Customers are becoming immune to traditional marketing channels
  • Less expensive than other marketing tools
  • Easy-to-implement
  • Its word-of-mouth aspect helps builds trust for a brand
  • Customers are influenced by the authenticity of influencers

6. Content Marketing

The valuable and relevant contents are created to attract and retain the target audience.

Content marketing is a must for businesses these days, both for B2B and B2C. 90% of B2C organizations are committed to content marketing.

What makes it so effective?

The contents related to the different stages of the buyer’s journey are created. The target audience loves to read these because they solve most of their problems. This increases trust and conversion rates.


  • visibility of the brand is increased
  •  a strong bond with customers is built
  •  increased brand awareness and brand recognition
  •  Builds credibility and authority
  • Creates thought leadership
  • The content marketing also supports SEO and SMO efforts. However, it doesn’t deliver results
    quickly. But its impact is long-lasting.

7. Retargeting Ads

The ads are created for those potential customers who previously visited your website but didn’t convert into leads. Retargeting ads help persuade the potential customers to reconsider your offering. They work by showing those visitors ads who had earlier expressed an interest in your product.

8. Viral Marketing

Create content that makes your business an overnight success

How to go viral?

Do something which has never been done! Something incredibly hilarious and possibly weird and then use social media to get yourself noticed and shared to the best of your abilities. Viral marketing can cause a major surge in the traffic to your website for a certain period of time. You have to find ways to convert them into purchasing customers.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates hired by the company do the marketing efforts on the company’s behalf. They get a commission each time they bring in a customer. It’s like influencer marketing where the influence of people is used to bring in sales.

The commission is decided by the company.The affiliates are given the customized links through which you track the sales. The links can be shared within their social media circles to bring in leads to the site.

Tools like Google Analytics are available to generate customized links. The number of sales coming in from each link is tracked to see the performance of affiliates.

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  1. Great points covered. It is almost mandatory these days to try the different diverse channel to get the the right marketing mix. Keep it up!

  2. Basically there is so much learn about all the forms of online marketing for business that it’s never ending. I personally like to do social media marketing a lot for many clients. And this a bit informative for the new comers in the marketing industry.

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