13 Kickass Torrent Alternatives[New & Updated]

Kickass torrent alternatives
(Last Updated On: September 16, 2019)

The moment there are discussions about the torrent websites and web pages, everything that we come across are the Kickass torrent sites.In this article I will exactly explain you the best Kickass Torrent alternatives.

Kat.cr or KAT was once the most popular Torrent sites available.But since the shutdown of the original Kat.cr in July 20th 2016,the entire KAT community along with the millions of common users were left with no options.

So in this article I will help you those users to find a handful of Kickass alternatives which can help you to solve the purpose.

Kickass Torrent Alternatives:The Complete List

Where can i find alternative torrent sites since kickass torrents is gone?

  • Torrent Downloads
  • Torlock
  • Torrent Hound
  • ISO Hunts
  • Lime Torrents
  • Zooqle
  • YTS
  • SeedPeer
  • Torrentz2
  • EZTV
  • TorrentDB
  • The Pirate Bay

Disclaimer:This article is only for informational purposes.Tekkibytes doesn’t encourage any illegal downloads by any means.

kickass torrent alternative sites
Kickass torrent alternative sites

1. Torrent Downloads

This is the first torrent alternative that you should be considering whenever you are looking for the best torrent alternative website or the web page though.

This would be the direct rival to the kickass sites for sure and of course, you also need to know that it simply does not messes up with the torrents as it seems somewhat similar though.

Generally, it comes up with different categories where one can watch movies and TV shows without any difficulties. As per your wish and convenience, it is possible for you to find any recent movies as well.

2. Torlock

This is another Kickass torrent alternative that you must actually not miss out on though. Of course, this one is pretty much different from the rest of them in the market and you can simply avail lots of features and benefits with this alternative too.

This is actually the oldest one but also the safest one that you can simply trust on for sure. You also don’t have to worry about the slogans and the pop-ups that appear generally on other torrent sites though.

By using this site, it is possible for you to witness different categories. Yes, you can find files to download for games, software, music and more. This thing makes this Torlock popular among the people and becomes the best alternative for kickass torrent.

3. Torrent Hound

Well, if you are looking for a torrent site with no advertisements or pop-ups with loads of disturbance then this one could be the best one for you.

Yes, you need to know that just like the previous alternative, even this one does not have any annoying ads that would disturb your downloads and surfing though.

The homepage and the interface are just simple and clean. You can also keep a track on the statistics which includes details about visitors, files, servers and other such.

If you are looking for any latest and classic movie torrent files to download, then without any confusions, you can visit Torrent hound. The best thing is where the user can get the contents in HD.

It is the site highly popular for offering Hollywood movies. Yes, it is possible for you to download Hollywood movies 720p and 1080p quality contents.

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Don’t you think, we forgot this best Kickass torrent alternative to put on in the first place? Of course, but as per the internet study and the market, RARBG has actually become a quite old dated or probably even has been pushed behind by other currently popular torrent sites though.

This particular site has already made a great name for the whole torrent community for sure and that’s the reason it is still preferred by many users though.

At the end of the day, the site is all about offering the torrent files that offers High-resolution videos. According to your wish, search for any popular movies without any difficulties.

5. ISO Hunts

ISO Hunts is actually the best one after RARBG though, and of course, inevitably it is the best alternative to try on for sure. With loads of other torrents downloads available in the market, you can simply choose this particular one and it is actually the best for sure.

However, you need to know that the interface is quite mixed up and you have to read it through the interface before you proceed.

Once get into this site, you can witness different torrents to browse under various categories. For instance, it is easy for the users to find the torrent files of movies, games, software, anime and more. Based on your interest, you can choose the right category and video quality before going to watch it.

6. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents are known to everyone actually and however, just like the other torrent alternative sites available on the internet, this is the best one preferred by many of the torrent users without any fear or risk of safety or to their device privacy for sure.

Of course, as it is built by the torrent community itself, in case if you have any issue or problems with the alternatives, you can simply use this website for sure.

By getting into this amazing site, you can just enter the keywords to find the respective file that you want to download it.

Well, it has huge a collection of contents in the database to offer various contents to the people. If you are looking forward to downloading different files, then it is possible to get the files for TV shows, movies, games, music, apps, anime and more.

7. Zooqle

Well, you need to know that this is another best one that you need to try at least once to get the torrent downloads for sure. However, this site actually offers loads of movies in comparison with others though.

By entering this site, you may witness the page filled with search box, genre options to choose and more. So, as per your wish, choose the respective genre and find the movies which are related to that.

When it comes to quality, it is possible for you to change the video resolutions like medium, standard, 720p, 1080p and 3D. As per wish, choose any quality and start to watch the video without any difficulties.

8. YTS

No need to mention about this popular alternative, and of course Zooqle and YTS are somewhat similar but is different from the others in this list. You can find a variety of movies with its genre, category, niche and a lot. You can simply search for the movie and get it downloaded in the high-quality mode though.

Well, it is the site that has the potential to offer HD quality movies in different video qualities. So, from old to latest digitally released or Blu-ray movies can be downloaded from here without any difficulties. This thing makes the site to experience a massive fan base across the globe.

9. SeedPeer

Although the previous name of this site was different, Seed Peer has actually been used in various domains for sure. The interface is much easier and clear to beginners. Navigation is easy as compared to other sites for sure. Of course, the dashboard is pretty modern and trendy too.

SeedPeer will display with a search box where you can even witness the different genres to choose. By using this great site, it is possible for the people to download any books, apps, games, music, movies and others as well.

10. Torrentz2

Of course, it actually looks pretty much similar, but it is actually not similar to these sites for sure. You can search your searches or even movies on with almost 100 domains available in the site alone. Starting from trending games to movies you can find anything over here.

It is the site where one can find different torrent files from various cinema industries across the globe. For instance, it is possible for you to download English, Russian, Tamil and more. Apart from movies, you can even download any software and more.

11. EZTV

However, if the content is considered then you need to know that this one is actually perfect, but the user interface is most complicated and it could be difficult for the beginners and the first time users to understand though.

EZTV is the site where one can search it for TV shows to watch and download it. With the availability of different video qualities, you can choose the respective TV shows and start to watch without any hassles.

12. TorrentDB

Well, this particular site is actually not used by many of the users who prefer other torrent alternatives. It has got plenty much of repository to be considered for sure.

Of course, it has also got loads of categories too. When you are looking to download games, music, movies and all, then this is the right site to make use of it that whenever needs. Also, it is considered to be the best and biggest site which has a massive collection of the database to offer.

13. The Pirate Bay

This one is actually not from the torrent community, but yes it is, however, the best alternative too. You can just get this one and enjoy downloading the latest movies and games to fulfill your entertainment. It is the site names as classic one which means people’s long-time favorite where they get an opportunity to download any kind of movies for free.

My Thoughts on 13 Kickass Alternatives

Hence, you can get these alternatives without any issues as these are from the torrent community though and yes, you don’t have to worry about the safety too. Just go ahead with these alternatives, well these ones are just great to use!

13 Kickass Torrent Alternatives[New & Updated]
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13 Kickass Torrent Alternatives[New & Updated]
Kickass Torrent Alternatives:The Complete List
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