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Is YouTube Advertising Worth it
(Last Updated On: December 6, 2019)

Is youtube advertising worth it?The craze and enthusiasm of people towards YouTube has been increased to a greater extent in the past few years and so is the number of people towards YouTube blogging as well.

Millions of people are on YouTube these days trying to convince and entertain people with their content.

But do you really think, all of them attain those higher levels of success?

Surely not.

Like other digital media marketing sources, the level of competition is also very much higher in YouTube blogging as well. Millions of people are there waiting for their number to be on the top rank with their best contents.

But content is not the only thing that can take your channels on the topmost ranking; in fact, you need to work at the advertising portion equally as well.

How will one know about your channel if you will not advertise it on various platforms?

It’s just a matter of some time and some money to take your channel to the heights of success. If we go with the records, YouTube considered having more than 30 million visitors alone per day.

It has served as one of the most powerful video search engines that one can use for branding and marketing. If you are determined to take it to the next level paid advertising is an effective way to go.

But do you really think it fits for everyone?

Probably not.

Today we are going to discuss all “YouTube Advertising” and “Is youtube advertising worth it?”

Video advertisement has become a trend now and most of the users use YouTube as their favorite partners as video advertisers.

Importance Of YouTube Advertising
Importance Of YouTube Advertising Image Source Attitude Infotech

One needs to pay for the view on advertisements where the users spend more than 30 seconds on it. If you are going to set up a YouTube business marketing strategy, there are a lot of things you need to consider off.

Types of Ads on YouTube

All of the YouTube ads are not the same. Being a YouTube user you must be familiar to the
thing that there are different types of ads being displayed on your content.

Some are skippable whereas some are TrueView Skippable. All of these ads can flash up on your home screen during your streaming.

types of ads on youtube
Types of ads on YouTube Image Source Google
  1. Non-Skippable: The non-skippable usually ads end for about 30 seconds. The advertisers need to pay for the ads being viewed by the users. You have to pay for each display of your ad on the user’s account.
  2. TrueView skippable: Users are free to skip TrueView skippable ads after each 5 seconds display. Just like unskippable ads, TrueView skippable ap can also be inserted during any phase of your video.
  3. Display Ads: These ads are usually being displayed on the featured video and the video suggestion list.
  4. Bumper Ads: It is a type of Non-skippable video ads,one of the latest video ads formats introduced by YouTube for creating that initial buzz among the audience.
  5. Overlay Ads: These are tiny ads that seem to appear on a lower 20% portion of the video on laptops and PCs.
  6. Midroll Ads: These ads are being displayed on your home page for about 15 min.
  7. Sponsored cards:  It is one of the most exciting ad formats supported by YouTube specially designed for all types of retail brands out there showcasing their product ads during the video.Viewers can notice a small teaser in the sponsored card which can be clicked to see the additional content.

What is the cost of YouTube Advertising?

In response to the query “Is YouTube advertising worth it?” first you need to look forward to
its cost. Video advertising is a little bit expensive than that of the other sources. But the cost of every ad being flashed out there is not same.

One needs to pay about $0.30 to $.106 as per different factors such as view, video quality, targets, marketing goals, time spent on the ad and the kind of ad you are going to present here.

Why use YouTube Advertising?

If you are lying between the queries, if YouTube advertising is worth it or not, just have a look at the query why to use YouTube advertising.

Creates a connection with the target audience

One need to stay connected with their target audience for promoting their products. One can easily target their audience depending upon the devices, age, gender, topics, keywords, and placements.

Interaction with the viewers

Advertisements on YouTube videos is really a great way to get in touch with your viewers. People often used to leave comments on the main video and hence you can just go through them to know about consumer behavior and preferences.


YouTube videos are usually accountable. One can easily track the video success by checking out its views and watching time and can also set up small quizzes to know about customers behavior and response towards your products.

Are there any measures to check out the functionality of YouTube advertising?

Of course Yes. YouTube advertising is generally accountable. One can check out the functionality of YouTube advertising using various metrics. If you are very much determined and specified to your business goals here are some tricks to calculate your video metrics:

Views: Views are generally calculated as the number of times people get engaged with you for watching out your YouTube advertising.

Clicks: It is the number by which your video is being clicked by the users.

Video viewership: It is the number that makes it easy to what percentage of viewers have completely watched out your videos.

Watch up time: It is the total time for which your video has been watched out till date.

Is YouTube Advertising worth it for time and money?

If you still don’t have to find out the answer to your question “Is YouTube Advertising worth
it”, just check out the results before and after using it.

The answer will surely go to be YES, as promotions work a lot. If you already working on a project and are still a step behind for a huge name and fame, just grab this wonderful opportunity to attract more customers towards your business.

Just target your market, create effective video content and spend some time and money on advertising it. Make sure to keep your marketing budget in mind always as this advertising method is slightly expensive than that of other digital marketing sources.

YouTube is expensive but really an impactful method for spreading up your brand awareness among the users.

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