Introducing Moya:World’s First Data Free Chat App!

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(Last Updated On: August 25, 2018)


It is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers to date with over 1 billion people using it daily globally.

But the introduction of Moya chat app has the potential to change the scenario altogether.

 Moya App Data Free

But Why Moya?

Because Moya chat app needs no data connection for the instant messaging! Yes, you can now complete your favorite instant messaging needs as a complete data-free messaging service.

You can perform unlimited text messages, group messages without the need for an active internet connection. It will also provide end to end data encryption and automatically find contacts who have Moya.

You can also send multimedia attachments with Moya but in this case, it needs the data connection though.
The app, developed in South Africa by biNu  is the part of the #DataFree initiative, which offers a collection of apps and sites that do not use up end-users’ data while using them.

Many belives Moya can be a very stiff competitor for WhatsApp if all goes well.

Already the app is running successfully in South Africa and has acquired more than 10K+ users in terms of download.

But What is the Revenue Model of Moya?

According to Moya, the business version of the app will allow businesses to access these users but only when the users opt-in for the business any communication. There is no cost involved to the End-users. Instead, Advertisers will pay all the data cost if required. Only after that users will be shown10 second video advert every 30 minutes.

Can I use Moya app on an iPhone?

Currently No. It has only the android version.

Can I use Moya app outside of South Africa?

Yes. But it can take your airtime or data. The data free facility is not yet fully rolled globally.

Download Moya From Google Play Store

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