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(Last Updated On: March 20, 2018)

Hello Friends,

I am very excited once again to introduce you to Suresh Kumar,the brain behind He is passionate, young and one of the best known blogger in India.

This is the fourth interview on Tekkibytes which I believe can also help to  lots of new as well as experienced bloggers to   grow even more!

I got a lot of feedback from you to publish these interviews.I promise I will publish whenever I get any chance to illustrate these amazing journeys.

So let’s start today with Suresh!

Tekkibytes: #Please introduce yourself

Suresh:At first, I would like to say thanks to Soumik Ghosh who invited me here and gave me a chance to share my experiences with the readers of Tekkibytes.

Well, I am Suresh Kumar from I belong to Kapure, Moga, Punjab (a small village). I have done my post graduation degree in Finance & IT (MBA). I have rejected 10+ job offers till now from reputed companies. At present, blogging is my passion & love. I proudly say I am a blogger.

Tekkibytes :# How u become a blogger?

Suresh:To be honest, I was from a poor family and even owning a bi-cycle was one of my biggest dreams when I was in Matriculation. I wanted to do something bigger. And I knew that it can’t be accomplished with job or traditional business. So, I started exploring the ways to make my dreams come true and then I jumped into Network Marketing, where I lost my money but learnt great lessons of life.

Then somehow I came to know about a free Website builder and I created 1st blog there. At that time, I didn’t know that blogs can generate money as well. As the time passed, I came to know how blogging could be a good career. Then I focused on blogging with my studies. I started Tips2secure as a brand in November 2014.

Right now, I own 6+ blogs.

Tekkibytes : #What do you think the most important factors to be a successful blogger?


  1. Passion
  2. Learning attitude
  3. Patience
  4. Brainstorming

Tekkibytes : #Which are the most important factors do you consider about the success metrics of your blog?


  1. Quality content
  2. SEO
  3. Love of my awesome readers

Tekkibytes : #What do u think about blogging in India?Are the bloggers are passionate enough in India?

Suresh: Most of the people in India (especially parents) consider blogging as a time pass and it can’t be chosen as a career. But if we learn the blogging industry and have a look at the successful bloggers of India then we can feel the potential of blogging.

People in India are not that much aware of blogging. When we talk them about making money online they start thinking that it could be the scam or any ponzi scheme. But if they are taught about the potential of blogging then they will start accepting blogging as a good option.

Yes, nowadays, we can see there are tons of passionate bloggers do exist in India as well.

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Tekkibytes : #What are the challenges initially when you first start your blog?

Suresh:  I didn’t have computer or laptop when I started blogging. I used to go café to manage my blog. To be honest, I was very poor in English that time. I faced many challenges & issues when I started blogging and listing them won’t be possible here.

Tekkibytes : #How to make a good content strategy?

Suresh: Research, research & research. What your audience is looking for? Are you solving their queries? Is your audience getting benefitted?

Tekkibytes :#What do you think about paid mediums for the success of a blog?

Suresh: I don’t believe in paid mediums for the blogs. But if you have budget then you can invest in blog designing, SEO etc..


Tekkibytes : #What do you think should be the success strategy for new bloggers?


Suresh: As per my experience, new bloggers should follow these points;

  1. Keep learning from the successful blogs.
  2. Participate in blogging forums
  3. Keep patience
  4. Focus on improving their content
  5. Making plans & to do list

Tekkibytes : #What are your Future plans? etc

Suresh:Few more blogs and Foreign tours.

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