Interview with Ryan Biddulph:The Brain Behind Blogging from Paradise

Ryan Biddulph
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Hello All,

I am always a huge lover of the journey behind any success. Success doesn’t come overnight. You have to put a lot of efforts to become successful in any segment of life.

When it comes to blogging it becomes more interesting as it needs commitment and dedication.

So in Tekkibytes, I always try to find people who love to share their journey with others and help others to motivate.

Today I am lucky enough to share some experience with Ryan Biddulph. Ryan is an awesome person. Ryan is all about two things blogging and traveling.

Along with his wife Kelli, he almost traveled half of the globe covering from Bali, Indonesia, Cyprus (Nicosia), Turkey (Istanbul),Nicaragua (Granada) and even India!

Ryan at Phuket
Ryan at Phuket












He is exceptional altogether!

So why wait for more?

Let’s hear his story from him!

Q. Please Introduce Yourself

My name is Ryan Biddulph. I am the owner and creator of Blogging From Paradise. I help bloggers have fun creating successful blogs.

Q. How do you start your journey in Digital Marketing?

I began marketing online 10 years ago after I was fired from my security guard job. I wanted freedom. I wanted to work for myself. I began blogging to get a taste of that freedom.

Q. Do you believe Digital Marketing will change in near future? If that then what will be the biggest trend going to be?

I feel digital marketing continues to evolve into greater service and honesty. When I began blogging 10 years ago, mass fear plagued much of the niche.

Most marketers wanted to serve themselves and acted dishonestly, manipulating people into giving them money with hype, spam, and little genuine service. The biggest trend is helping people freely and building friendships with other digital marketers in an authentic fashion.

Q. Do you believe in community? How it can influence the future digital marketing?

Yes! Building a community is the foundation of digital marketing success. Marketing evolves toward being community-based. Gone are the days of playing the stupid, lame numbers game. You need to build a community by serving human beings in a kind fashion, these days, or you will become irrelevant.

Q. What do you think should be the vision for a digital marketing company for near future?

Help. That vision serves any company. Help people by solving their problems. Help people by inspiring them to live their dreams. Move away from the bottom line approach of focusing only on sales and focus on helping human beings.

Q. Give some tips for the aspiring digital marketing professionals

Aspiring marketers should focus on:

– choosing a niche based on their passion, not profits
– following the advice of generous, successful digital marketers
– investing money in courses and eBooks
– creating helpful content
– helping successful digital marketers, to build friendships

Q. What do you think about blogging? Do you think it will still useful today?

Blogging is the best way to build a thriving digital marketing business. You own everything on your blog. Branding and monetizing the potential is limitless. Going forward, you need a self-hosted WordPress blog to be taken seriously in this niche.


Hope you like Ryan’s incredible online journey and blogging experience.Hope his tips will also help you to grow more. In future, if I have any more luck, I will promise to present more of Ryan here at Tekkibytes!

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