Interview With Rajat Jain:Digital Marketing Expert of India

Interview With Rajat Jain
(Last Updated On: May 18, 2019)


Today I am excited to introduce with Rajat Jain, one of the most successful Digital Marketing Expert of India. If you are in the Digital Marketing field I doubt you don’t know his name. As we here at Tekkibytes are extremely honored to have him for our interview series .Many thanks to Rajat for his precious time.

So let’s start about his amazing journey!

Q1. Please introduce yourself

Ans: I am a top-ranked and an awarded digital marketer & social media consultant from Hyderabad, India. I have consulted brands like Gleneagles Hospital, BMW Kun Exclusive, Hetero Drugs, Centuary Mattress etc… I run a digital marketing company called ShootOrder – a leading digital marketing agency in India, apart from this I have another startup’s in the tech industry like MapHospitals, Whizsky, Tankhwa.

Company Website:


Q2. How do you start your journey in Blogging?

Ans: I started SPEAKRJ to contribute to the industry by sharing to know how’s of Digital Marketing. Here, I write about my personal experiences, tips & tricks on SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Growth Hacking, Web Analytics, Content Marketing and much more.

Q3. Do you believe SEO will change in the near future? If that then what will be the biggest trend going to be?

Ans: SEO is continuously changing and with technologies voice search, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (stepping into the Digital Marketing landscape), it’s quite evident that we have to change the way we are doing SEO till now before things become overwhelming.

For me, the most prominent SEO trend for the future will be Voice Search Optimization. With the growing popularity of smart speakers and voice assistance in smartphones, voice search is going to be a dominating factor in SEO. Also, with Google started considering the user intent and contextual meaning of queries the SEO has to move from stuffing keywords in articles to addressing the pain points of their target audience.

Q4. Do you think blogging will impact SEO in any way?

Ans: Being in the industry for more than a decade now, I cannot find a better way to show up in the search engine other than blogging.

When you have a website that’s updated regularly with high-quality blog posts on topics relevant to your audience, it can make a massive difference to how your overall website performs in the search engines. When your audience reads a post they love, you’re more likely to build a relationship with them which leads them to come back to your website again to see more of your content.

Q5. Does blogging mean quick money? What do you think?

Ans: Contrary to the common perception, I wish that was true. Making money from blogging is not easy. It takes its own sweet time, and you have to have some authority of your blog before you start making money. Which means before you can start making money from your blog it has to be a valuable place on the web. The amount of value a blog offer to its readers determines the amount of money it will make.

Having said that, once you have created a proper authority on the web and start getting a decent amount of traffic on your website. With the right strategies, you can not only make a fair amount of money today, but you can also keep your future secure.

Q6. Do you believe in the community? How it can influence future digital marketing?

Ans6: There’s a famous quote “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” That’s why it’s just so important in this day and age to build your own community.

So, if you’re trying to build your personal brand or build your business on social media, you have to immerse yourself in your community by engaging with them.

Q8. What is the most important thing to be a successful blogger?

Ans: If I have to pinpoint one most important thing to be a successful blogger, that would be discipline. Although every work or profession needs to be disciplined as a blogger when you work from home or cafes, discipline is the most important thing. It should divide into writing posts, commenting on other blogs and social networking promotion. If you want loyal readers, then you have to post regularly on your blog. If you do not blog regularly, then you will lose your readers.

Q9. How can someone monetize his/her blog if he is just starting out?

Ans: How do blogger’s get paid? This is the most burning questions in every wannabe blogger and current blogger’s mind. Well, the first thing to keep in mind is it won’t happen overnight. One needs to be consistent with their approach as I mentioned in your previous question discipline is the key.

Second to figure out the different avenues of making money from the blog. The most common one is running Ads on your blog but realistically you won’t make very much money unless you are getting around 25,000 page views a month.

Another way is to join the affiliate program from different brands like Amazon or Flipkart and try to convince your reader to buy from your link. Commissions are given to the blogger in a percentage of the sale or a fixed amount per sale or lead.

Q10. Affiliate Marketing v/s Adsense which is the best?

Ans: Both have their pros and cons, but one main differentiator is you can start affiliate marketing the day you start your blog while you need a substantial amount of website visits to make any money from AdSense which may take time.

Q11. How can bloggers approach content strategy in a tight budget?

Ans. If you make your content speak for itself, the budget doesn’t matter much.

Q12. Getting Traffic is tough for new bloggers! So What are your recommendations for getting traffic especially for new bloggers?

Be Shameless!! Do not feel shy to ask your friends and family to share your content on social media. Share your blog post on different groups on all social media channels. Apart from this keep using SEO techniques so that you can start getting traffic from search engine.

Q13. Any tips suggestions you would give to the new bloggers like me who want to be successful in blogging?

Ans: The first tip would be to become a voracious reader yourself. The more you read more you will understand what people are looking for. The second tip is to be different from others. Do not echo the stuff others are saying have your own voice.

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