Interview with Nishath Ahmed:Founder & CEO of DIGISTALLION

Nishath Ahmed
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Q. Please Introduce Yourself

To begin with, I would like to thank Soumik Ghosh for featuring my interview on Tekkibytes.

Hello all, my name is Nishath Ahmed, I reside in Silicon Valley of India (Bengaluru)

I am a proud Founder & CEO of DIGISTALLION (Digital marketing training and consultation) started in the year 2017. And also I’m an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Google certified Digital Marketer, with 3+ years of experience in Digital Marketing Industry.

Beforehand I was working as a Digital Marketing Manager in a reputed educational institution in India. Simultaneously, I was a content writer for an Organisation in US.

With the help of this experience and alongside, with the guidance of my Mentors, Manjunath Rangaraju and Alok Badatia, who played a major role in shaping my experience, knowledge and career.

In regard to my Qualification, I’m a MBA graduate from CMS B School (Jain University) with specialization in Marketing and Human resource.

Q. How do you start your journey in Digital Marketing?

Ans. That’s quite captivating!

While I was on the run of my Under graduation, I always wanted to be a outperforming student and also more interested and inclined towards Marketing domain. In accordance to that, I wanted to do something that would be futuristic in marketing domain. That is when my Mentor Mr. Manjunath Rangaraju suggested me to do DIGITAL MARKETING.

But, at that point in time, it was a new term for me, subsequently when I researched about it is when I understood the importance and future benefits and boons of it.

Then I ought to tell you that I ended up with a very knowledgeable and brilliant trainer Mr. Alok Badatia sir, who is my mentor furthermore. After being trained by him, I became a freelancer and undertook many US projects.

This is how my voyage in Digital Marketing industry evolved and progressed.

Q. Do you believe Digital Marketing will change in near future? If that then what will be the biggest trend going to be?

Ans.  Of course yes! Digital Marketing has already transformed the perspective of marketing in business. And also there are millions of job opportunities emerged in this domain. In a survey by experts, it states that in 2020, Digital marketing will change the system of marketing that was being followed until now and ahead of time, we are able to witness a glimpse of it.

The Biggest trend in Digital Marketing will be:

Q. Do you believe in community? How it can influence the future digital marketing?

Ans.  Certainly Yes, Building a community is an effective and strong way of marketing and the kind of product or services offered. Network marketing is a powerful way of marketing. And any sort of product or service, which is more convenient to drive traffic from the network there by, a consistent way of engaging with the audience.

Community can strongly influence Digital marketing strategies, Communities are built in accordance with the customer’s creditability and loyalty.

I strongly recommend marketers to have a community or group in social media platforms to grow your network in various domains no matter whichever niche it is.

Q. What do you think should be the vision for a digital marketing company for near future?

Ans. Digital marketing is a bridge between organisation and its customers, how well an organisation engages its customers to drive more value and business to organisation.

According to me, the vision of Digital marketing companies should be connecting with thoughts of customers and understanding business domain and to tailor fit the solution for it.

Q. Give some tips for the aspiring digital marketing professionals

Ans. As a Digital Marketing professional one should be:

  • Disciplined
  • Consistent
  • Visionary
  • Goal driven
  • Creative
  • Capability to Understand the pulse of Individuals
  • Never give up attitude

These are certain things which an aspiring digital marketer should follow and cultivate. I am still learning many things eventually from many experts in the industry to enhance and evolve my knowledge.

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Q. What do you think about blogging? Do you think it will still useful today?

Ans. In Digital marketing industry there is a saying that goes “Content is the King”.

Blogging is an important content element for any website to rank on search engine. Blogging with proper keyword research and well maintained SEO techniques can boost your website and drive more traffic on your site.

Yes of course blogging is very beneficial till today. Blogging has become one of the crucial part of digital marketing.

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