Interview With Mudassir Ahmed:The Proud Entrepreneur of Nettyfeed

Interview with Blogger Mudassir
(Last Updated On: March 2, 2019)


Hello Friends!

As you all know that, I often publish inspiring stories and interviews of budding bloggers, expert Entrepreneurs here at Tekkibytes.

So with the continuation of the theme today, I am publishing another inspiring journey of Mudassir Ahmed, one of the most motivational Entrepreneurs of Nettyfeed!

So let’s start!

#Please Introduce Yourself

My name is Mudassir Ahmed and first I’d like to thank Soumik Ghosh for featuring my interview on Tekkibytes.

I started in 2017 June. I’m a professional blogger, entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant. I have got 5+ years of experience into sales and marketing.

I had to switch myself from being Pre-Sales Manager to an entrepreneur. Ever since then, it has been challenging journey.

Currently i’m also associated with a Pvt. Ltd firm as one of the co-founders. I have a flair for writing topics related tostartups, entrepreneurs and online marketing.

# How You Become a Blogger?

I’m B-Tech guy added up with Masters in marketing. I worked in total three firms within my 5 years of experience as customer service and marketing professional.

I was never passionate about what I was doing in earlier stages of my career, as I always believed that my passion lied in entrepreneurship, online marketing, and writing stuff. Although, I failed at my first startup with my few of my friends and got into frustration and hopeless for a year of time. Still I had never lost hope about my career.  After 18 months of time, I started my own firm with one of my colleagues and its going pretty well now.

Coming to blogging part, when I was working with other companies I used to do blogging on free platforms like wordpress, blogspot since I didn’t have enough money to set up my own dedicated blog it was lots of struggle to work in free platforms with less customization and databases were lost so many times.

I was learning new and exciting skills on free blogging sites that helps me even now.

I started my blog in June 2016, as I’m pretty much inspired by bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Shraddha Sharma, and Neil Patel. Yes, I was also inspired by my own struggles to start my life as an entrepreneur.

The information I share on my platform could inspire other individuals and upcoming bloggers, entrepreneurs to follow their passion.

#What Do You Think The Most Important Factors To Be a Successful Blogger?

  • Passion to follow your passion
  • Learning new things on your own by searching on Google
  • Patience to prepare content
  • Dedication to promote your brand on social media
  • Networking, Research

I believe these are some really important factors to be a successful blogger.

 #Which Are The Most Important Factors Do You Consider About The Success Metrics of your Blog?

  • Creating the rightful and interesting content
  • Keeping the site simple
  • Promoting articles on social media

#What Do You Think About Blogging in India? Are the Bloggers are Passionate Enough in India?

Blogging is fastest growing career in India as well as globally. Most of the students are getting passionate about to start their own blog in niche which they are strong and interested in, since their university levels

If you are having decent job with money and satisfaction, then it is not advisable to leave it and start your career in blogging. But if you have done blogging part time and tested your capabilities, you can shift your full time career to blogging.

#What Are the Challenges Initially When You First Start Your Blog?

Creating a simple and interesting design is not an easy job when you have thousands of options before you.

When I initially started, it was difficult for me to get audience to my site and often I felt like I’m giving speech to an empty room, which was demotivating.

Soon I understood that no blog/site will get views and subscribers overnight. If the content and promotion is more consistent then views will get increases automatically.

 #What Do You Think Should Be The Success Strategy for New Bloggers?

I have few advices for upcoming bloggers:

  • Focus on writing quality and interesting content, but not on getting traffic. Do exercise on quality work; results will fall in place at no time.
  • No content gets viral, unless you make it So, Just promote, promote and promote.
  • Don’t look for money making sources like ads, link building etc in initial phases. It might disturb your audience, which you might have low in number.

#What Are Your Future Plans? Etc

Frankly speaking, I’d like to take NettyFeed to some top platforms like YourStory, Inc42, Bizztor with consistency in content and honesty with the information I share.

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