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(Last Updated On: May 18, 2019)


It has been a while we have published an interview here on Tekkibytes.So keeping that in mind we have managed to bring you one of the most important interviews ever published here on Tekkibytes. It is both inspiring and exciting for me to publish such an interview of this caliber.

Yes, you have guessed it right. Today we are very excited to introduce with Amit Mishra the brain behind Tryootech and one of the most successful bloggers from India. So without any delay let’s explore about Amit’s fascinating journey!

Tekkibytes: Please introduce yourself

Amit: Hello, Everyone, My name is Amit Mishra Professional Youtuber, Blogger, Speaker & Entrepreneur Founder of Tryootech Youtube Channel & Blog. I am from Delhi, completed all my studies in Delhi only and went Pune for software engineer Job, Recently I shifted back to Delhi with my Wife.

I am working with big brands of India and top-notch people in the Industry Like Deepak Kanakaraju, Gaurav Madaan, Sorav Jain, etc. Currently running 8 websites and two Youtube Channels with One Digital Marketing company i.e Webonx.

Tekkibytes: How do you start your journey in Digital Marketing/Blogging? Why you started my journey as a blogger?

Amit: The reason is here, frankly speaking, to make some extra source of revenue from the internet and earn my livings I started blogging, later, I realized that I can make a good career in online industry so now I am here.

Online, you can expand your business with a large audience & customers, the population on the internet is growing rapidly.

I have achieved substantial growth in my business to a different level in the last 2 years digitally.

Tekkibytes: Do you believe SEO will change in the near future?If that then what will be the biggest trend going to be?

Amit: Yes definitely, Seo will change and it changes every single month, we don’t know exactly about Google’s algorithm, however, we all are learning via practicing it. So, according to me building a brand would be the new SEO trends most people are going to follow.

Content Marketing will be going to penetrate the digital world and doing so, so my advice is to go and start creating quality content that will help you in the long run.

Tekkibytes: Do you think blogging will impact SEO in any way?

Amit: Blogging is a way through which you can promote your brand without spending any penny on paid ads, as paid ads are getting expensive day by day blogging will be the only option.

Although blogging is not easy at all you have to spend lot more time in creating and promoting your content, if you are thinking to get results organically then you have to wait for next 1 year or 2 to experience satisfying growth and success.

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Tekkibytes: Blogging V/s Youtube: What is the best you think?

Amit: Great Question Soumik, If you ask me to choose among both Youtube or blogging then I will say I can’t leave any opportunity from where I can make a hell lot of money I will go with both. Youtube Helps in Branding and fame, blogging helps me in getting more conversions.

Tekkibytes: Do you believe in the community? How it can influence future digital marketing?

Amit: Yes, Building a community is the first thing every content marketer should do community help in building trust and instant audience for your upcoming product related to that Niche.

You can build your community via Facebook Groups, or whatever medium suits you better as a community means people should interact with each other for their queries and provide solutions.

Tekkibytes: What is the most important thing to be a successful blogger?

Amit: See success is nothing but a journey, anytime you should be in learning mode, learn from others, try to attend events, seminars, read articles, books, etc.

Do what you love and be loyal with your readers and audience you have.

Tekkibytes: How can bloggers approach content strategy in a tight budget?

Amit: If you ask me how to produce quality content with low budget then in my case i write by myself all my articles, I can’t simply go with content others produce for my audience because I know my audience much better than anyone else, so I prefer writing on my own in low budget and will invest that amount in tools which will help me to gain more customers & leads for my business.

Tekkibytes: Getting Traffic is tough for new bloggers! So What are your recommendations for getting traffic especially for new bloggers?

Amit: Traffic is everyone’s problem and it will be, people don’t want to learn they simply want to earn, money fascinates them more. So, I request people who are not getting traffic should learn the basics of SEO and what mistakes you are doing, improve it and invest more time in learning that will help you in a longer run.

Instead of hiring an SEO agency for thousands of rupees or dollars, spend that money in finding the right mentor who can assist you for your better future.

Tekkibytes: Any tips suggestions you would give to the new bloggers like me who want to be successful in blogging?

Amit: The only Tip I would like to give is Believe in quality, not quantity, try to create mind-blowing content which genuinely helps your reader for what solution he/she has landed on your blog, try to make loyal audience which will stand out with you in your tough phases of life as well.

Life is short, respect everyone, enjoy & face every situation with strong heart & self-belief.

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