Interview with Alok Badatia:Digital Marketing Coach and Consultant

Interview with alok badatia
(Last Updated On: January 24, 2019)


Today I am very excited to share you a story about a very special person for you, especially for those who want to step in the world of Digital Marketing and also for any SEO professional who wants to excel more in the domain.

 I am personally learning so much from Alok each and every day and also request you to do the same.

 Recently I have a chance to share some moments with Alok which I would like to share with you.

 So let’s start!

Q. How do you start your journey as a Digital Marketer?

 Alok: This is an interesting story!

Basically, I completed my Engineering Degree from  Gandhi Institute for Technology (GIFT) in Odisha in the year 2006-2007.

 From that time I was wondering how to get some extra bucks from online which I heard was working good more many! I basically ended up with some online content writing projects from a US client. I have a chance to write for the New York Times regarding that.

 After that, I have also started my freelancing journey with various online clients around the globe!

 In this way, I have entered this beautiful domain in Digital Marketing!

Q. Do you have also worked for a full-time job?

 Alok: Absolutely! Though I started as a freelancer, I have also worked for many companies like Wipro in 2010-2011 and other agencies in my journey!

 After Wipro, I have also worked with very reputable government projects for National Informatics Centre and also for Rajasthan secretariat. I worked as a Web content manager for the said projects and helped in the digital transformation of the whole projects.

 I must admit I learned a lot about Marketing, Journalism, Mass Awareness in this phase which really helped me to explore more avenues in terms of my career as a digital marketer.

Q. Do you believe SEO will change in near future? If that then what will be the biggest trend going to be?

 Alok: SEO has already changed a lot and the trend will only likely to continue! Voice search will be the next big thing in terms of SEO.

People will likely to search more using normal conversational voice commands from their mobile devices using Google Assistant or other such smart home assistants like Google Home, Amazon echo etc.

 You have to adjust your keyword strategy around these conversational keywords rather than focusing only traditional search queries. Voice is here to stay.

 In addition with Voice search, you also have to stress more on Local SEO these days. You have to make sure your business is performing locally well before making any global strategy.

 Local business listing websites like Yelp and Google My Business will surely have a big impact there. So be ready for that.

 Lastly, you have to make your omnichannel presence to be successful in the future.

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 Q. Do you think blogging will impact SEO anyway?

Alok: Yes. Blogging is always important in any business. When you provide value for your customers with valuable insights without the selling intent your audience is bound to listen to you!

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 Q. Blogging V/s Youtube: What is the best you think?

Alok: It depends a lot on your objective. Both have their own role and should complement each other for business growth. If your main perspective is to drive traffic for your website blogging is the way to go. But if you make a good brand awareness and engagement then nothing is better than YouTube.

But again you should always use the combined strategy for the maximum output.

 Q. Do you believe in community? How it can influence the future digital marketing?

Alok: This is one thing which many people even the professionals often forget. Digital marketing is all about talking and making a good audience for yourself.No matter whatever the niche is, I always recommend to build a group around your business.

I also recommend start with your own Facebook group and build an audience incrementally. When you can do that you can have a good reputation for yourself which is pure gold!

 Q. What is the most important thing to be a successful blogger?

Alok: Blogging is all about providing value to users. To be a successful blogger you have to write about something you love. You have to be consistent and maintain a strict editorial calendar for publishing your posts.

There is no need to develop content rapidly providing a little value. I always suggest if you are just starting to make the content super useful and detailed. You can write one content per week but that content should be well researched and full of insights which your audience can use!

Q. How can bloggers approach content strategy in a tight budget?

Alok: It is hard really! If you have a tight budget then you have to write your content yourself. You don’t need to be picture perfect but you need to be consistent and write simple English. If you are not confident about your writing skill and prone to grammatical mistakes then use a tool like grammarly which is free and help you to write you better content every time! Don’t be shy!

Q. Any tips suggestions you would give to the new bloggers like me who want to be successful in blogging?

 Alok: Research, write in-depth content and understand your audience! There is no magic bullet for success.

Success is a journey. Make it smooth! If you have any doubt you can also follow our YouTube Channel and our Facebook group which is built for you and there are great members to help you out for your all Digital Marketing queries. I am also open to you always for your help.

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