Interview With Alok Rana Promising Tech Blogger from Loudtechie

interview Alok Rana
(Last Updated On: December 24, 2017)

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to introduce you to Alok Rana the proud owner of which is one of the new but most  promising tech blog around!

We(Tekkibytes) have a chance to interview with him and ask about his blogging journey!

He welcomed us and shared his blogging experience and much more.

Hope you will enjoy it.

So let’s start and HAPPY new year ahead!

1# How you become a blogger?

Answer: I always used to have interest in IT field. My pre and post-schooling studies were also within IT field. I always want to be a web designer, but due to no available vacancy at that moment, I was forced to join SEO for the time being.

I started my first job as a fresher in SEO field and later after some time I learned that there is a vast scope of jobs and business in the SEO sector.

After a year I quit my job and get into some freelancing jobs.

And at last, I ended up starting a blog. was not my first blog and it won’t be my last.

2#What do you think the most important factors to be a successful blogger?

Answer: As per my experience in blogging I always advice for Consistency and Planning. You can learn anything from a simple to a complex strategy if you just keep along with your blogging consistency and planning.

The only reason I see bloggers quit after a time is because they failed to be consistent or planned with their blogging career.

You will get the success only if you have planned for it.

3#  Which are the most important factors do you consider about the success metrics of your blog?

Answer: The answer to this question also relates to my previously answered question. Being consistent with my blogging is one of the most important factors which I believe that made me improve my blogging.

But there are few more to my list; I learned that if you are helping out your audience with anything, you can build a community out of your blog. So try to be resourceful and helpful as much as you can. Give them what they really want to know.

Don’t just follow the click bait method to attract your audience. Never mislead your audience, provide the information they have came to see on your blog.

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4# What do u think about blogging in India? Are the bloggers are passionate enough in India?

Answer: The list of bloggers in India is growing every day. I have seen many bloggers starting with blogging, not because of their passion but they get attracted to income reports of other bloggers. I’ve seen many passionate bloggers too, and I am sure they will get the results they seek if only they can wait for the results.

Blogging is the game of patience. Your hard work gets paid if done correctly.

5#What do you think should be the successful strategy for new bloggers?

Answer: There is no strategy just make it simple at your starting days. Don’t make it too hard for you that you may lose interest. Just follow few selected blogging guides and tips.

Maintain content quality, stay optimized and learn to write for the readers and not the search engines.

6#What are your Future plans? etc

Answer: After getting successful to maintain a good readership I do have some future plans. I’ll start with my ebooks selling and online courses. There could be more to my future list.


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