The Internet of things is Great, But Extremely Dangerous.Agree?

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2019)


The Internet of things is great but can be extremely dangerous at times.

We are not talking about the rebellion of the machines, Skynet or the arrival of Terminator to find John or Sarah Connor.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not dangerous because it is apocalyptic, but because it is insecure. The internet is an integral part of our lives. Even when we need help doing difficult tasks such as writing research papers, we can easily hire any online research paper writing service which can be very helpful at times.

We can search almost anything through the Internet but as the role of the Internet becomes more dominant, it brings some hidden dangers.

In fact, there is a great increase in interconnected devices through the Internet of Things in different sectors: health, transport, industry, infrastructure, toys, among others.

The problem is that, when designing devices with Internet technology of things, companies are looking for the product to go to market very quickly and at lower costs. For that reason, they do not pay enough attention to make them safe, something that is very important and that must be in the initial stages of the process, because doing it later is more difficult.

So, interconnected and unsecured devices are targets that almost cry out for a cyber attack, which can be very dangerous in many ways: a hacked IoT medical tool can lead to the death of a patient, a hacked IoT semaphore can cause many accidents remember Die Hard 4.0?) or a hacked IoT toy can make cyber-terrorists monitor or steal information about children who use they, and those are just some examples.

And it is not a conspiracy theory to cause unfounded terror, there are real cases that account for the danger.

In 2017, for example, the Huffington Post newspaper reported on the case of the CloudPets, some teddy bears for children, which are connected by Bluetooth to their parents, cell phones to send and receive messages, and which were hacked, affecting more than 800,000 people, from whom they stole personal information and more than 2 million voice recordings, in addition to spying on the children who own the toys.

Be the Terminator of the hackers

Every IoT devices producer should shield the devices with encryption and digital signatures in the codes. However, the consumer must also do his part. Before buying an IoT device, you must verify that the manufacturer has access security levels to the Internet.

In addition, here are some useful tips to keep us safe while using the Internet, although not all have to do with the use of the Internet of things:

– Always use an antivirus and make sure it is updated.

– Keep the computer operating system updated.

– Do not use easy passwords. The best password is the combination of two random words with a special character in the middle.

– Use a VPN network, especially if you are not at home. Some companies offer them for free.

– Avoid using free Wi-Fi in public places because there are many people connected to that network and some can be a hacker.

Do not stop paying attention to them, maybe it’s the way to prevent the rebellion of the machines
and stop the Terminator, but you still do not know it. You can be the hero of an apocalyptic
future, the real John Connor himself, or at least you will be the hero of your house.

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