The Importance of Content Marketing for the IT Industry

Importance of content marketing
(Last Updated On: March 29, 2019)


Importance of content marketing|The IT (Information Technology) sector is one of the main factors in the transformation of the world and the behavior of society.

Every day, applications, services, software, gadgets, and technological solutions act as real engines of change in many aspects, from the big industries to the most common activities of our daily lives. Despite the fast pace and advancement, often the IT industry does not seem to follow properly the importance of Content Marketing in companies.

More than a visually well-designed website and even with interesting features, you need to invest in quality and educational content in order to help your visitors and customers.

Producing relevant content should be on the list of priorities and strategy of IT companies and not just an “additional strategy” stage.

In addition to informing, educating and preparing current and potential users of the IT company’s service or product, content is the great alliance of the sales team and the growth of the brand in the market.

Where to start the content strategy of my company?

Defining a content strategy is not a simple task. We’re not just talking about posting programming tips for a given tool, code snippets, or some other technical information. It is crucial to take a few steps to ensure the success of your strategy.

This success means access to your materials, frequent consultation and education of your visitor or lead, along with a nutrition strategy with content rich and relevant to your business can become an opportunity and even a customer.

Despite the apparent complexity, you do not have to worry or think we’re talking about anything beyond your reach. With a few points, which serve as a true guide, you’ll be able to plan your actions, define your content strategy and achieve results for your business.

1. Identify your personas and know their pains

One of the biggest benefits of Content Marketing is being able to show your customer that you know him well and that he understands all your business pains. This first step is nothing more than (1) getting to know your customer – identifying the personas – and (2) identifying what your customer writes in the search engine when looking for a solution – get to know their pains.

That is why you need to have direct contact with the sales team, as they are dealing directly with customers and every day they listen to their most recurring concerns and problems.

To understand pain is to know exactly which questions are to be answered and, in addition, to whom they are addressed.

Do you know exactly who your company should talk to?

As much as it is in the IT sector, it is sometimes necessary to direct your message to the directors, who are the decision makers, sometimes analysts, who need more practical guidance, and many more for the team that you need to know more about your solution. Consequently, the subjects, the pains and the keywords are different for each one of these interlocutors, that can be found in the same client/company. So the type of content should be directed to meet the needs of each of these people at each moment of the Purchase Day.

2. Plan on the basis of keywords

We already know that the way users do their searches on Google has completely transformed. If for years, surveys were done simply from the sum of words, for example, “financial management software”, for some time have become increasingly organic, such as “How to choose financial management software”

Society changes and search engines too. Google regularly updates its algorithms so feared in order to enhance the websites with higher quality content and that is in fact relevant. Therefore, any content strategy needs to start with a search of the main keywords, or Portuguese keywords, that are related to the topic that will address.

There are different ways of doing this work. The first and simplest of these is to write something generic in the Google search field, such as “How to choose financial management software”. By doing scroll the bar by the end of the first page you will find related searches, which can help you create themes that are more specific.

Another way to set your keywords is with Google Keyword Planner that allows more advanced targeting and campaign creation or alternatively Ubbersuggest, which is completely free and does not present major difficulties for the user experience.

3. Content and purchase journey: what and where to publish?

With the personas defined and keyword research done with attention, it is time to plan what is really going to be published and what are the best channels for each type of content.

To define these points is crucial to realize the Purchase Journey of your lead and a little more on the Funnel Sales of Inbound Marketing. To explain this in a clear way, let’s once again consider a company that sells affordable, financial management software for small and medium businesses.

Learning and discovery

This is the first contact of the visitor with your content, this is the right time to draw attention with more general knowledge materials and help in attracting the leads. At this stage, you have to produce a lot of content, trying to solve the most different doubts and on different channels.

It is crucial to work on the improvements of your website, pay attention to SEO / SEA, social networks, events, press and of course the blog. To do this, we can think of content that addresses broad themes. Once again, let’s think about a blog from a financial management software company:

  • X Tips for organizing your company’s financial management
  • The best videos about financial management that you have to see
  • Practical attitudes that help in the financial management of companies

These are contents that we call funnel top and that help attracts visitors to your website.
Recognition of the Problem

Now one step ahead. Your lead is already more educated on the subject and can better visualize what your problem is. In blogs or social networks, you already have to address themes that help the visitor to perceive your problem, thus showing you that there are several ways to solve them.

Attention, is not it time to talk about your company, combined?

  • Checklist to organize financial management
  • Financial management sheet template
  • Webinar with an expert in financial management

At this stage, offers must be created from Call-to-Actions, Landing Pages with Forms and Thank-You Pages, so you can transform the offer of the material in the conversion of your visitors into leads and, consequently, increase your contact base.

Solution Consideration

Your lead is already more mature and now you really want to know how to solve the problem.

It is time to present your solution, but calm, we are not only talking about ads and advertisements. Remember that our theme here is Content Marketing for the IT sector and it is through this strategy that we will lead the visitor in lead, then opportunity, directing it this way throughout the journey of purchase.

This is our goal and for this can work several channels like the automation of email marketing, rich materials such as eBooks, Infographics, Cases of Success, Presentations and Articles that already allow mentioning their services in a subtle way. Some Suggestions:

  • X solutions for financial management
  • The best tools for financial management of your company

Here is the time to qualify your lead by directing it to your sales team. Once again, it is imperative to work closely with Marketing and the sales team; only this is how your Content Marketing strategy will succeed.

Buying decision

Now you can talk about your company. The lead has already learned, analyzed and will compare with the other options in the market. Go ahead and create content that shows your benefits to competitors, if possible, offer a free trial period of your service and all this in conjunction with the sales team, who should take the journey from this point.

4. Become an authority in your segment

The era of simply selling your product/service has passed. The moment is another: education and trust.

Nothing is stronger to win over a new customer than to educate him, make him understand the value of your business, and how you can help him grow in the market.

Content Marketing directly influences the authority and notoriety of your company and offer in the market. With educational content planned, produced and shared with cadence and consistency, it will begin in the medium / long term to call attention to the market and to become a reference in it is within the IT sector.

In addition to simply selling more, IT companies need to position themselves on the web and in the marketplace as an authorized agent, as a credible and knowledgeable source of information for their visitors, potential customers, and current customers.


Mordan Sean, who believes that one of the most reliable profession in terms of growth in today’s era is Digital Marketing. And this is the reason he has been associated with it since the last 10+ years. He’s currently working as a brand analyst for one of the Chicago based clinic My Smiles Center and is being run and managed by Dr.Khan.

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