How to Identify the Best Data Center for Renting Storage Space?

How to identify the best data center
(Last Updated On: August 11, 2019)


What is a Data Center?

A data center is a dedicated space or a building or a group of buildings where computer systems, storage systems, telecommunications systems, additional support systems such as power and cooling equipment are maintained to provide a space for the business enterprises to store their data and information securely.

Also known as colocation or colo, it is a multi-tenant storage space useful for enterprises of all sizes and volumes. It could be a small scale business or a multi-national organization; colocation provides them with enough space to rent to store their data.

Now, when it comes to saving their valuable and confidential data, enterprises would have to do a lot of research to find the best data center to rent the storage space. Here are some of the ways to identify a data center that best suits the requirements of an enterprise.

How to identify the best data center top tips
How to identify the best data center top tips

Easily Accessible

  • Some enterprises need to visit the data center on a regular basis while others get to work and update via cloud services.
  • If an enterprise needs to visit the data center as a part of the routine work, it is advisable to choose the one that is closer to their office location.

Located in areas with a lower risk of natural disasters

  • Tornados, floods, earthquakes, etc. are some of the calamities humans have no control over. But there are zones which have been identified as danger zones where the chances of having a natural calamity are higher than other places.
  • The data centers should be located away from such areas to reduce the risk of loss of data due to unforeseen disasters.

Design of the data centers

  • The best data centers have advanced multi-system architecture that helps in accommodating equipment efficiently to provide storage space to more number of tenants.


  • Building large data centers gives an added advantage of being able to reduce the costs by managing the infrastructure to obtain maximum output.

Risk mitigation

  • Reducing the risk for the tenants is one of the major responsibilities of a data center. It could be in terms of providing security for the data, giving them unrestricted access to their data, ensuring continuous power supply, etc.


  • The data centers should meet the industry-approved standards of safety and quality in terms of power, cooling, storage, and telecommunications systems.
  • The higher the quality of equipment used, the better the results for the data centers and the business enterprises.

Using Renewable Energy

  • A data center which is socially responsible is always appreciated and acknowledged for its contribution to saving the environment.
  • Using local, new, renewable energy resources can reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Advanced Cooling Systems

  • Water is one of the major coolant used in the data centers to keep the temperatures at an optimum level. Air conditioners are also constantly working (renewable energy can be used) along with a water system.
  • By using an advanced technology to eliminate chemicals from the cooling systems, data centers can save a good quantity of water while increasing the efficiency by around 400%.

Reduced Costs on Taxes

  • Data centers give their clients additional benefits by reducing the amount of money that needs to be spent on tax rates by getting concessions from the government.

Innovation and Development

  • Enterprises may not always be able to invest in developing their own data center.
  • By renting the storage space at a data center, they can avail the benefits of the latest developments the data centers come up with.

Physical Security

  • Having a multi-layer security system and constantly assessing the threats to ensure that their security system is up to date is one way of dealing with it.
  • Surveillance cameras at strategic places, providing restricted access, marinating records of employee visits to the data centers, etc. are some of the safety measures.

A data center that meets the above criteria is definitely one of the best in the market. The enterprises can store their data and information in those data centers by signing a cost-effective deal on a long-term basis.

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