What is Facebook live( How to do live streaming on Facebook?)

How to live stream on Facebook
(Last Updated On: May 4, 2019)

How to live stream on Facebook|We all know about Facebook live right?

Today I am going to discuss about some basic about Facebook live and how can you use Facebook live in a simple way..

It is not an extensive guide but a simple guide how to use it quickly.

Now What is Facebook live?

It is Facebook’s own way to live video streaming service in Facebook news feed where you can make live video from your mobile device.

Since from its launch in April 2016.it has become a great hit among users and used by millions of users worldwide.

How to do live streaming on Facebook? How to access Facebook live?

First of all if you don’t have Facebook app,first you have to download and install Facebook app in your mobile .

Then you have to open the Facebook app,go to your news feed.

After this you have a live icon which you have to tap..

Next Facebook will ask permission for permission for your camera and microphone.

Choose your appropriate privacy setting,describe your video in a meaningful way,tag friends,choose location etc.

Then tap the record button and record yourself!

That’s it.

Now there are many additional settings you can opt for.

But if you follow the above steps you can really start doing basic things.

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Can you go live on Facebook on a laptop or Desktop?

Yes you can.

Is there a time limit for a Live video?

Yes there is a limit of 4 hours to be exact.But it is long enough for your basic needs.

How to watch Facebook live?

You can live videos in your News Feed.If you want to get notified when someone goes live you have to tap the “Live Subscribe” button.

How can you join Facebook live?

Now this is easy and straight forward!

You must be invited by the host to join the broadcast.When you get the invitation you can join the broadcast right away.

Can you promote Facebook live?

Now currently it is not possible to promote a broadcast while you are broadcasting.

But when you finish the broadcast you can have your live video broadcast as a video post in your news feed/page which you can promote as normal post and use the advertising option.

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Which is better?Facebook Live V/S Youtube Live :

Now each platform has its own pros and cons.

In case of Facebook if you have a ready made audience after all.If you have a page which is fairly upto a reasonable standard you can easily connect to your audience using the platform.

Compared in youtube it is really hard to get quality subscribers at first and get going!

Another thing is Facbook’s live videos are not SEO friendly and not easily discovered in google and major search engines.

In other hand Youtube is a google product and can easily indexed by google and can be found lot easily in major search engines.

Other than Facebook’s live videos are only 720p HD maximum not full HD .

Youtube scores high here with much more improved resolution.

Last word:

Personally I think Facebook live is a great initiative for users you want to connect instantly to their fans in much more informal way.

Suppose you are in vacation and want a quick snap for your fans to enjoy then Facebook live is the way to go!

But if you are presenting a serious business and have an important product launch.Go for Youtube live!

Now the decision is yours!

What do you prefer?

Do you have some points to mention?

Please share your comments below and I will love to hear you.

Have a good day ahead!

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