How to Protect Your Facebook Security without Deleting the account?

How to protect privacy facebook.
(Last Updated On: May 20, 2018)


User privacy and Facebook’s security  policy has become a huge issue these days.We are sharing a lots of data knowingly or unknowingly to many third party apps and services who are just making it worse than ever.

Often these apps and services are used in conjunction with our social media platforms .So generally we think the data we share is pretty much safe. But in real there is a big risk of privacy issue involved in these cases. There are prying eyes every where.The data thieves are just using these platforms and picking up our sensitive information for their own use.

This is totally not acceptable and already getting a lot of attention globally.The issue mainly resolves around Facebook,who is recently accused of data leaking with Cambridge Analytica for making blueprint for Trump victory using their users database.

The issue is so serious that,Facebook CEO Facebook’s Zuckerberg Admits Mistakes, and Outlines Fixes.
He also explained Facebook is making all possible measures to resolve the issue to happen ever.

In this scenario, we must take some basic steps ourselves to protect our data from some extent.
In this post I will cover some of the basic steps you can follow to safeguard your data and enhance your Facebook security a little bit more.

So let’s dive in and follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Login to Facebook
Step 2:  Click Settings from Facebook toolbar
Step 3:  Select Apps

facebook apps

Step 4:  Facebook will present you all the list of Apps you are using

remove facebook apps

Step 5:Click on the cross sign on the app you do not like to be there. Click on Remove. After you click remove Facebook will remove the app you simply do not like to use.

App remove permission

After this, if you want complete removal you can always contact those app’s support forum to remove all your data with them.

The above steps will ensure that you will not give any permissions to your third party apps to use your data.
But to be in the safer side, it is always recommended not to share very sensitive data from your end,which you think can harm your privacy in any ways.

Latest Update: To secure their data many Facebook users are commenting ‘BFF’ from their Facebook accounts.But to help our users, we want to clarify,this is completely a useless technique and helps nothing but to make them more vulnerable to such attacks.

So stay away from these type of rumours.


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