How to protect corporate emails against phishing attacks

Email Phishing Prevention Best Practices
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2019)


Email phishing attacks remain the most vulnerable area for the corporate employees in 2019 also. With 97% of people still unable to identify phishing emails, the employees need to be trained about some best practices to protect them from such cons.

What is a phishing attack?

A phishing attack is laid out in a manner that the victims trust the source and disclose their secure and personal information. Behind the scenes of a phishing attack are malware and ransomware that lead to banking frauds and information theft.

According to a TechRadar report, Email remained the top cyberattack vector in 2018 where they target high-value corporate individuals and try to steal sensitive personal or organizational data. The scope and sophistication of attacks have been growing rapidly.

What is the best defense against phishing?

What is the best defense against phishing
What is the best defense against phishing

Educating the employees throughout all the levels is the main defensive tactic to circumvent the phishing attacks. Organizations have been doing this quite meticulously but until today it has been noted that 50% of phishing email recipients click on the malicious links within the first hour of being receiving it.

The phishing attacks can be circumvented by a two-prong approach:

Phishing Prevention Best Practices

Educational programs

The employee needs to be educated about the different kind of attacks that are spoofing around their personal information:

Branding attacks

The phishing attackers impersonate a brand and direct the users to fake portals to harvest their information. The employees need to be trained to recognize the logos and the links of legitimate brands so that they do not trust such malicious emails.

Spoofed Email address

The email receivers must always expand the sender’s email id to confirm the authenticity of the source.

Enticing Subject lines

Phishing attackers work up the under attack email ids by using some enticing or threatening subject lines. The email recipients are asked to change the direct despite details by phishing emails by HR. The employees must be trained not to react in haste.

Phishing link in the attachment

To circumvent the phishing detection software, the attackers send them in a PDF or a word file nowadays. The email will look clean but the attachment could lead to a potential attack.

Software Solutions

While educating employees is indeed necessary, the best strategy would be to have an anti-phishing solution in place rather than bearing the severe consequences of stolen information. It is the most effective way as it prevents such emails to reach the network by identifying and filtering it in time. It has proven to be the best defensive mechanism against such attacks.

Automatic Email scanning

Intelligent and self-learning software solutions help identify a phishing email even before the user opens it. It labels the email to be fraudulent.

Cloud compatibility

Sophisticated best phishing software can be deployed in the cloud so even if an employee is using the official email on any other system, he can protect his information by using the cloud run anti-phishing software.

Zero-day attack prevention

Phishing has acquired so many forms that zero-day attacks have become a challenge for enterprises. The landscape of phishing changes daily right from brand spoofing to whaling, emails bring some new looming security challenge. For the enterprises to stay ahead of spammers and attacker, they need to rely on an email protection solution.

To wrap:

The phishing scams could target the entire enterprise and they try to procure information stepwise by getting into email boxes of each one of your employee.

Even by imparting world-class security knowledge to your employees, they cannot become experts to identify an attack. It is best advised by security experts to strike a balance between an updated anti-phishing solution and educating the employees.

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