How to play the IPL Fantasy League?

How to play the IPL Fantasy League
(Last Updated On: April 13, 2019)


The fever of IPL is in the air again, and almost all of the cricket fans are set to cheer their favourite teams and players. It’s not been the first time, IPL is being launched into the ground, but it has already completed 11 successful seasons and it is now the 12th season where eight teams are on the ground to win the trophy.

This season of IPL started up on the 23rd of March, and the series of matches will end on 12th May. It means you are going to have about one and a half month of full enjoyment. Along with some changes this year, team Delhi Daredevils has been renamed to Delhi Capitals whereas Jyadev Unadkat and uncapped Varun Chakravarthy are one of the most expensive players at 8.4 crores each.

The best thing about IPL 2019 is the IPL Fantasy League. Playing live with players through cricketing extravaganza would be an exciting thing for all the cricket buffs, and that is what fantasy league has made possible.

What is IPL Fantasy League?

Before going further on how to play it, it would be quite beneficial for you to know what exactly it is. It’s a virtual game that offers participants to create their own teams from different IPL teams. In short, you can now easily make your own IPL team with your favourite cricket players.

Virtual participants of the game are rewarded with points on the basis of the performances of the players in real-life matches. There is a points system which gives the players points on the basis of the runs scored, wickets taken, catches held, maintained higher strike rate, economy rate, force run outs and various other in-game concepts.

When was it launched?

IPL Fantasy League was released in 2013. The primary motive behind the release of this virtual game is to involve the cricket lovers in the actual game. Moreover, the game is surprisingly increasing the digital engagement of cricket carnival every year. IPL Fantasy League has gained enormous success in the last five years and this year, it is also trendy with a maximum of cricket buffs engaging into it. The success rate of IPL Fantasy league started with its inaugural season where it had been indulged by more than 550,000 people globally.

How and where to play IPL Fantasy League?

If you are also a cricket buff, you might be here to know how and where you correctly can play this game.

  • For starting up the gameplay, you first need to register yourself on the official fantasy platform of IPL, i.e., Dream11.
  • Once you are done with the registration process, the next thing you have to do is create your team.
  • You have to add up a minimum of four batsmen, one wicket-keeper, one all-rounder, two bowlers and one uncapped player in the game whereas you can’t exceed the limit of five batsmen, five bowlers and four all-rounders to the maximum in your team.
  • There is no limit on the number of matches you can play. You can remain in the game till the last game of that IPL season.

What about the point distribution in IPL Fantasy League?

The format of point distribution in IPL Fantasy league is undeniable.

  • You will be awarded one point on every single run, two points for four, and three points for six.
  • Strike rate also adds some points to your account.
  • On acquiring every 25 runs, i.e., a Milestone Bonus in the game, a bonus of 10 points will be added up in your account.
  • If your bowler acquires a wicket on duck, a bonus of 5 points will be added up in your account.
  • Every dot ball here brings up some points into the participant account, while a total of 20 points are being added to your account for every wicket and every maiden over.
  • A bonus of extra 10 points will be added up in your account for every second and subsequent wicket.
  • And if your bowler gains a hattrick, total 25 points will be added up in your account.
  • Moreover, the participants will gain points according to the economy rate as well.
  • If we talk about fielding, participants will get 10 points for catch and run outs.
  • Stumping by wicket-keeper will bring up a total of 20 points for you.
  • In case of a direct hit, a total of 15 points will be summed up in your account.
  • Additional 25 points are awarded in your account when a real player from your virtual team is being declared as Man of Match.
  • If your team wins, five additional points are added in your account but if it is a knockout case, you will get ten marks for the same.

These are the basics you need to know before you start playing fantasy league. Sounds exciting, right? Log on right now and start playing the most awaited IPL Fantasy.

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