How to Make WiFi faster with these 5 Extremely Easy Steps

how to make wifi faster
(Last Updated On: March 2, 2019)


How to Make Your WiFi Speed 2x Faster |If you are fed up with your slow WiFi speed and wants to double your WiFi speed and wanna make it better than before then here today we are going to share you some best tips by following these tips you can make your WiFi speed better.

Here are some easy steps to increase your WiFi router’s reach and speed at your home or at your workplace:

How to make your internet faster

Make Your WiFi Secure

 The first step you have to follow is to make your WiFi secure from the bad guys if your WiFi is not secure enough then it will be easy to hack it and steal your bandwidth which will make your router slow. To make your router secure you have to do:

  • Change your default WiFi router name like “Linksys” etc and set your WiFi name to some better and cool WiFi name to make it look like professional one.
  • Make sure to change your default password and set it to some strong one (always use a strong password of min 12 characters and a mixture of all the numbers, characters, and symbols to make it difficult to hack).
  • Disable Your WiFi Router WPS to protect it from direct access without a password.
  • Change the default router access address.

Place Your Router at a Right Place

 The right place to put your router is not under your kitchen sink. Always position your WiFi router on a flat surface of the floor nearest to the center of your home for the strongest possible wireless connection.

Somewhere at hight in the public is best, away from dense brick, stone, or any kind of blockage that could hinder the signal. Despite some of the wallpapers hinder WiFi radio waves (some of which are even designed).

Make sure you place your router so that rather of at an angle, signals go direct through the walls. According to Verizon, WiFi signals decrease significantly when they hit walls at angles. Place your router on the top floor for best coverage if you are in a multi-floor house or office.

Set your router at least 10 feet apart from other devices and objects that could try to interfere with your WiFi signals, such as freezers, kid monitors, microwaves devices, cordless phone, speakers, halogen lanterns and mirrors.

Use a Router With Powerful Antenna

 Most WiFi routers have one or two antennas, but sometimes they are not powerful enough to send signals to areas and distant corners that are difficult to reach.

The addition of a high-gain antenna to your WiFi router can solve the problem by immediately extending and strengthening the range of your router.

They also provide you with coverage in large areas, often in whole homes, offices, warehouses, and outdoor spaces.

In most electronics stores, online and off, a decent variety of high – gain antennas are available. Consider purchasing a reliable, broadly used wireless antennae, such as the Cisco – Linksys High Gain Antenna Kit. It retails for approximately $ 15.

Don’t worry, to configure a high gain antenna you don’t have to be a tech – type. Simply unwind the currently existing antenna of your router and try to screw the new one. There are no cables. There are no drivers. No trouble.

Boost your router’s signal

 Hacking your router and installing third-party firmware such as DD-WRT or OpenWrt is another great way to extend your range.

Not only will you have a tonne of high-security characteristics and other improvements to play with, but you can boost the transmitting power of your router (if it doesn’t allow you to use its default firmware).

This can be risky for your router, but utmost routers can manipulate an addition of up to 70 mW without causing any problems and (hopefully) you will get a little performance boost.

Use a WiFi mesh system

 If you have difficulty getting a strong WiFi signal over your home, there are a couple of options: Add more access points, extend the signal of your primary router, string Ethernet cables around your home and wire as much as possible, and so on.

A wireless mesh network system can also be picked up, which is about a foolproof way to increase your coverage. Usually, they’re simple to set up and control via a smartphone app.

While they may trade some speed, especially if you connect to an access point that is joined to your primary “hub” via the identical wireless radio, they make it easy and easy.

The best mesh systems have a special backhaul that their access points use to talk to each other, ensuring that your remote devices have the best possible speeds.

One day, you may even be able to use different mesh devices. (And if you’re lucky, you can simply take your existing local 802.11ac router to a mesh access point.)

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