How to Make Simple and Effective Logo Design by Minimizing the Errors

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(Last Updated On: January 23, 2019)


The logo of the business is the graphical representation of the business image,core idea, and products offered. In order to make an effective design of logos, business needs to select the design that standout in the market.

This need to have the quality of content and design that make the logo attractive to a potential audience of business. While the development of logos business needs to avoid certain mistakes to present the appropriate position of the company and its service offerings.

By following specific elements of logo design, one can consider the following points for the development of logos:

System Drawing

Consideration of certain images in logos is inappropriate as it results in the development of different issues while making and finalizing the logo. However, implementation of the bitmap image in the logo design make the logos unusable. This is because pixels of this image looks like a mosaic.

In this regard, the recommended practices for making logos is the application of programs and vector graphics that include the calculated point. This includes mathematical precision that ensures uniformity of visual image in different size regardless of its size.

In this aspect, professional logo designers tend to avoid bitmap during the development of logos. Logo designing Agency UAE used vector image for development of logos that provide a variety of services that can be scaled with any size of logo through maintaining the quality of an image. The vector image is editable and easy to fit in any form of media.

Trend Analysis

It is not recommended to logo designer to flow with the trend. However, an important point to consider the trend but not follow it during the design of the logo. This is due to the fact that a logo for the business is developed for the longest time, so it needs to be durable. This can be attained if the unique and creative practices are followed for the development of a design that includes appropriate techniques and tricks.

Logos are the business identity which is updated with variation in business practices and changes in business trend. The logo of the business is a crucial element to be followed that applies unique representation of the business.

Avoid Complexity

Logos should contain exact and brief information with specific details included in print or view in a smaller version. The lengthy and complicated design makes it difficult to adjust to different size and media. Higher complexity in the logos results in loss of design.

The complicated design of logos make the logos worse or interpret it incorrectly. For instance, a specific logo design can be seen on close inspection such as Nike has the simplest logo that remembers among its targeted audience.

In addition, Logo designing agency UAE committed to providing simplicity of logo design include a simple image that is adjustable in different size whether you want this design to publish on the packaging or embossed in a billboard for promoting the business.

Colors Effect

Colors are the crucial element of logos, colors add life to business logos and make it more effective to utilize in business operations. This makes the business logo easy to remember among the potential audience.

Without color, the business logo loss its identity, similarly adding multiple colors are the
common mistake that should be avoided during logo development. The Designer must choose appropriate coloring for development of logos to recognize the business from the logo. This can be as simple by using a combination of black and white colors in it.

Importance of Fonts in Logos

Logos are divided into different forms including symbol or description. The selection of font to be added in the logos must be made carefully to select the perfect logo that is suitable for the business image. The font and image can be used simultaneously in a logo.

This can be done through the application of various tricks to catch the attention of audiences or business stakeholders.

The logo should be precise and present the brief description of the business and its core value, the perfect combination of design should include catch and attractive design that is related with business nature of products and services and easy to remember among the potential customers.

This made them recognize business among multiple brands in the market.

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