How to increase visibility on Amazon[9 Killer SEO Guidelines]

How to increase visibility on Amazon
(Last Updated On: February 24, 2019)


How to increase visibility on Amazon |Amazon sellers, do you know how to do SEO on Amazon?

What do Amazon sellers need to pay attention to Amazon search algorithms  when doing SEO ( search engine optimization) and keyword research to rank well in Amazon serp ?

How to increase product visibility on Amazon[Amazon SEO]

Guideline 1: SEO based on audience needs

SEO optimizers can easily adopt a “one size fits all” approach, thinking that an optimization strategy can be applied to all search engines, but in fact, different optimization strategies are adopted for different search engines. Some optimization strategies work in Google, and it’s not necessarily a change to Amazon.

Amazon sellers need to know how to target SEO optimization for their target audience. The biggest difference between Amazon SEO and Google SEO is that Amazon needs sellers to provide as much information as possible when SEO optimization, the more careful the better.

Guideline 2: Find out what your audience is searching for on Amazon[Amazon keyword strategy]

It’s easy to put together the keywords that define the product category like “books”, “DVD”, “clothing”, “Kindle”, but it may cause the seller’s search ranking to drop because other sell similar Product competitors will do the same.

Therefore, sellers can analyze the needs of consumers, thereby narrowing the scope of keywords, such as using “Kindle Fire HD”, “Blu-Ray”, “men’s hoodies” and “first edition books” A version of the book)” and other keywords.

Guideline 3: Sellers must follow Amazon SEO rules

Amazon has provided a specific framework for sellers and hopes that sellers can input information according to the given framework when optimizing SEO. Therefore, when the seller is doing Amazon SEO optimization, it is only necessary to strictly follow the steps.

To some extent, optimizing Amazon SEO is much simpler than Google, because Amazon has done some consumer analysis for sellers. Amazon wants sellers to pick certain types of keywords or phrases to attract customers and increase conversion rates, with the goal of selling products. What kind of products Amazon presents when it wants to see what products consumers want to see.

Guideline 4: Seller’s store content should be unique and persuasive

If the seller does what Amazon requires to fill out the formula (fill in the information according to the given framework), then the second step is to do something creative. Sellers should remember that the primary goal of local SEO optimization is to convert customer traffic into sales, and the unique, persuasive text has this ability.

If the seller doesn’t know how to write, you can start by writing a product manual to let consumers know how the product works. Simply describing a product may be less attractive. Amazon product title optimization is one of the primary concept to rank well in Amazon.The seller puts the product in the daily life scene of the consumer and shows it, which is also a way to make the consumer more sensible and more convincing.

Guideline 5: The seller to fill in as much content on their shop information

The seller must not leave a blank on the store information. The manufacturer fills in the relevant information and the information can be displayed. If the seller fills in the information, it will help SEO. Conversely, if the seller leaves a blank in the information bar, the seller’s listing is likely to be ignored by the consumer because there is not enough information to let the consumer know that there is something in the store that they are looking for.

Guideline 6: The difference between keywords and long tail keywords

The seller needs to remember one thing. The long tail keyword is a series of words consisting of 3 or more keywords. Long tail keywords are very important, why? Because the online search volume of such keywords accounts for 3/4 of the total keyword search. The higher the seller’s site search volume, the higher the conversion rate.

Guideline 7: Sellers must customize their own keywords with reference to competitors

This is not the same keyword that the seller uses with competitors. The keywords will compete with each other. What the seller has to do is to break the convention a little and look for some special keywords. It is best to find keywords with high search volume but low competition. Of course, mining such keywords requires luck and perseverance.

Guideline 8: the seller must learn to ignore competitors

When doing SEO, you can’t stick to a certain rule, and you must try it bravely. No two Amazon sellers are exactly the same.

It is not the best way to implement your own optimization strategy with other people’s optimization criteria. Of course, sellers need to understand the trends of competitors, especially in terms of commodity prices, but they will spend more time developing SEO strategies to achieve greater success.

Guideline 9: Be creative while following Amazon SEO rules

The key to sellers’ Amazon SEO optimization is that they have their own uniqueness and creativity while implementing Amazon rules. As mentioned earlier, Amazon has a unique design rule for its search engine, including what content is ranked the highest.

But sellers can improve with attractive content. In addition, sellers should not be too attached to one or several directions when doing SEO optimization, and do not reuse the same method. Appropriate changes, such as content, can be more vividly described when writing product descriptions.

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