How To Improve Your Writing in 5 Easy Steps

How To Improve Your Writing
(Last Updated On: October 29, 2019)

How To Improve Your Writing

1. Simplicity is the taste

It is very typical of people who have not developed the ability to communicate in writing trying to do so with far-fetched words and expressions.

This way you try to imitate a well-written text. Do not put a costume on the text, you have to focus on clearly explaining the message, without further ado. Flours are not necessary, but, if anything, they come when the art of writing is mastered.

Writing a simple text requires a large vocabulary because you have to find the right words, so it will be very useful for the dictionary of synonyms that you have installed in your word processor or any of the most consulted online. It can also make your life a dictionary of like-minded ideas.

Sometimes you don’t want to find a word that means the same, but a concept of the same family or related to the same topic. Avoid passive phrases(such as “the pencil was found by the child”) and try to make them short.

Improve Your Writing

2. Structure what you are going to say

The mother of the strategies is to divide and conquer. In the writing of texts this maxim also works. When you have to communicate several ideas, you should list them in a separate document or paper, in a telegram plan and without trying too hard to make them beautiful.

See if you are interested in exposing each one on the one hand or if two or more can be counted at the same point. Which one are you most interested in reading first? With what idea do you want to close the message?

This is not the only structure you can follow, there are many. Another very common: there is always a way to introduce what you are going to say, to make a kind of presentation; Then you focus on the main message, on the chicha, and finally, you close with a conclusion or request about what you have commented.

This structure in three is also used very frequently for its simplicity and efficiency.The important thing is that you make a small draft of the skeleton that your text will have and then complete each part step by step. This will make it easier for you to convey what you have in your head.

3. At the beginning, you can help yourself with clichés and common expressions

The observation and further analysis are one of the foundations of knowledge and learning. If you want to write good emails, read good mails, look at them when you receive one that calls your attention to how it is written. (The same applies to a report or a business letter). Start to discriminate those that seem well written from those that do not and try to find out what are the aspects that fail and which are the successes.

Learn from this phase and imitate what you think is valid, why not? It will only harm you if you write texts for a blog or a website, as the search engines could consider it duplicate content and penalize you.

Imitation has been reviled in favor of creativity and originality; However, it can be a fundamental process when it comes to strengthening learning.

4. When you get some ease, let go!

If you have followed the previous steps, you will notice an improvement with each text you write.

The practice is essential. Think of a cake, it is not enough to know the recipe by heart, you have to make it and it is very possible that you do not go well at first and that you have to go varying details so that everyone likes it.

When you get certain ease of writing (it does not mean that it does not cost you, writing is always an activity that requires special attention), then you can try to bring innovations.

Since you have reached this point, dare to use some more original expression that you do not usually see in texts of the same type that reach your hands.

You could do it before, when you are still green, what happens is that, in general, one can do it when one feels certain security. As you know yourself, be aware of when it may be time to add originality to your communication This ingredient is usually more attractive to those who receive them.

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