How to Get CompTIA Certification:A Complete Guide

How to Get CompTIA Certification
(Last Updated On: April 26, 2019)

CompTIA certification roadmap

What’s CompTIA?

CompTIA is one of the leading providers of IT certification and training programs at the global level. Through CompTIA’s newly launched Infrastructure Career Pathway program, you can opt for such accreditations that will provide you with professional expertise and sound knowledge of the fundamentals that will help you to operate your organization’s networking and IT infrastructures more efficiently and effectively.

The certifications offered by CompTIA can be divided into the following:

  • CompTIA Core certifications
  • CompTIA Infrastructure certifications
  • CompTIA Cyber Security certifications
  • CompTIA Additional Professional certifications

CompTIA Core Certifications

Through CompTIA core certifications, you can improve your foundational knowledge concerning networking, framework and cybersecurity services. Under this category, you can opt for CompTIA A+ that can improve your foundational hardware knowledge and core skills in elementary – level PC operations.

Through IT Fundamentals+, which is an elementary-level certification, you can learn more about infrastructure and system framework fundamentals.

CompTIA Network+ which is a skill-based certification focusing on hands-on training can facilitate you to build your confidence in performing IT infrastructure operations and developing basic cybersecurity skills including configuration, troubleshooting and efficient management of diverse kinds of devices and networks.

CompTIA Infrastructure Certifications

You can opt for CompTIA infrastructure certifications if you want to strengthen your career in the field of networking and system administration.

Created to supplement the Network+ qualifications, you can either choose CompTIA Cloud+ where you can benefit by learning hybrid cloud essentials, managing virtual system operations and efficient utilization of CompTIA network services and resources, or you could select CompTIA Linux+ that is specially designed to provide in-depth knowledge about Linux system administration and management fundamentals.

Through CompTIA Server+ you can learn about server management and its maintenance.

CompTIA Cybersecurity Training and Certifications

This category includes the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) and is targeted towards IT experts who mostly work in designing and applying cloud security system solutions.

It also caters to the requirements of your Penetration testing, (CompTIA PenTest+) designed for your team of experts which is responsible for carrying out vulnerability as well as penetration testing. You can even opt for CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst (CySA+) which is solely focused on IT security system behavioral analysts.

Additional Professional CompTIA Certifications
Under this section, you can choose from the following certifications:

  • CompTIA Project+
  • CompTIA CTT+
  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials.

If you want to pursue a sound career in networking and administration, then you can easily select certifications offered under CompTIA’s Network and Cloud Technologies program.

Through these, you will be able to gain a clearer understanding of networking and administrative operations. You will also be able to enhance your skills and upgrade your job portfolio to improve your chances of securing a better job in the IT industry.

If you have just stepped into the IT field, it is better to opt for an elementary level certification such as CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ or CompTIA A+ 902. Once you have gained some professional experience, then you can settle on more advanced level certifications such as CompTIA Network, Linux+ and CompTIA Cloud+.

Due to constant changes in the ever-evolving IT industry, network security is one of the leading fields in the market. If you want to advance in network security, then you should get training under CompTIA’s Information Security certifications.

Under this level, you will find the option of choosing from CompTIA’s elementary level certifications such as IT Fundamentals, Network+, CompTIA A+ and Security+ as well as cybersecurity certifications such as PenTest+, CASP+, and CySA+.

With CompTIA, you can use a complete and detailed IT certification and training plan that comprises of accreditations by CompTIA along with other institutions such as Microsoft, Cisco, ISACA, EC -Council, etc.

Since CompTIA certification programs cover various types of skills, you can go for jobs from various industries and departments based on your preferences, training, and expertise.
Following are some possible careers options that you can pursue after obtaining CompTIA certification:

  • Data security
  • Network and cloud development services
  • IT management and infrastructure
  • Software and hardware development
  • Administrative functions

If you want to have your IT skills validated and improve your career in the IT field, then it is extremely important that you opt for the right career path as well as CompTIA training and choose the appropriate level of certification for yourself.

How To Get CompTIA Certification

Choosing the right certifications

Once you have decided to opt for a CompTIA certification, the first step is to study and select the appropriate certification to meet your career objectives. You can study different CompTIA levels and the certifications offered under those levels to pick the best certification that can fulfill your career needs. It is advisable that you first opt for foundational level certifications and then gradually opt for advanced level certifications.

Preparing for exams

You can search for a variety of study materials and resources online to equip yourself to take the CompTIA test. You can even join the CompTIA training classes or even take help from CertMaster to speed up the training process.

Study past papers online

To have a better understanding of the examination model, you can search for practice questions to get an idea of the exam pattern and nature of questions to be asked.

Appearing for CompTIA exam

Once you have selected your desired CompTIA certification course and studied all important topics for the exam, you need to get registered to qualify for taking the exam.

CompTIA online training and resources

CompTIA offers a variety of training facilities such as classroom coaching, online study materials, and resources. If you decide to opt for any of these options for preparing for the CompTIA exam, then you will have to pay around $4,000. The amount varies depending on the training option that you settle for.

In case you are planning to study and prepare for the exam by yourself, then you can prepare with self-study resources that are available online and approved by the CompTIA.

As mentioned earlier, if you are preparing for any CompTIA core certifications, then you can use the CompTIA CertMaster to prepare for the exam. It can help you to check which topics you need to study to prepare for the CompTIA exam.

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